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IARPA Announces Winners of its ASpIRE Challenge

DATE: 09/10/2015

IARPA Announces Winners of its ASpIRE Challenge WASHINGTON – The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), today announced the winners of its speech recognition challenge, Automatic Speech recognition in Reverberant Environments (ASpIRE). The winning teams from the Johns Hopkins University, Raytheon BBN Technologies, the Institute for Infocomm Research, and Brno University of Technology will share $110,000 in prizes.

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Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute Announces Winners for First of Four Challenges to Help Improve and Save Lives

DATE: 09/03/2015

The Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute announced the winners of its first challenge, "Empowering People with Epilepsy." This was the first of four challenges that will ultimately award more than $1 million in prizes.

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GSK and Save the Children launch 2015 call for developing country healthcare innovations to reduce child deaths

DATE: 07/15/2015

GSK and Save the Children launch 2015 call for developing country healthcare innovations to reduce child deaths. The $1M award is part of an ambitious partnership between GSK and Save the Children which aims to help save the lives of a million of the world’s poorest children. This year’s Healthcare Innovation Award seeks entries that demonstrate new approaches to increasing people’s access to health services in developing countries.

Epilepsy Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute Offering More Than $1 Million in Prize Money for Challenge Winners

DATE: 06/11/2015

June 11, 2015 – The Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute will be awarding more than $1 million for a series of at least three prize challenge competitions. The first challenge, worth $15,000, is looking for creative and viral advocacy campaign submissions that inform and educate patients, families, and the health care community and are aimed at a change in behavior that leads to better seizure control and freedom, therefore reducing sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) risk.


NASA Uses Crowdsourcing for Open Innovation Contracts

DATE: 06/04/2015

NASA is turning to the public and crowdsourcing for outside-the-box thinking about human space exploration challenges with a series of 10 new NASA Open Innovation Service (NOIS) Contracts. The first challenges to be launched under the new contract will seek new algorithms to improve Robonaut’s tool use in novel ways that could take advantage of materials found on asteroids, the moon or Mars for both space and Earth applications. Future challenges will seek help in developing improved textiles for planetary exploration spacesuits and other useful technologies as NASA continues its evolvable Journey to Mars strategy.


Crowdsourcing Is The New Outsourcing for Scientists

DATE: 05/11/2015

A Vancouver-area high-tech company developing fusion energy is stepping out of the often cloistered world of fusion science to crowdsource difficult engineering problems.


Think You Know How to Get Humans to Mars? NASA Would Like to Hear It

DATE: 05/02/2015

Sometime in the 2030s, the not-too-distant future, NASA hopes to send the first manned mission to Mars. That means the space agency has about two decades to solve the many, many problems with a hypothetical mission.

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High-Tech Energy Firm Crowdsources Engineering Challenge

DATE: 04/23/2015
TAGS: Best Practice, Corporation, Crowdsourcing, Innovation

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--April 22, 2015) - A Vancouver area high-tech energy company is now crowdsourcing some of its tough engineering and science challenges. The idea, says General Fusion CEO Nathan Gilliland, is to engage a global community of keen, disciplined problem solvers in the exciting field of fusion energy: "Just as technical powerhouses like NASA, GE, Pfizer and many others have used crowdsourcing as a viable process to add creativity to technical challenges, General Fusion will do the same."

Conquer Paralysis Now

$20 Million Challenge’s First Year Garners Nearly 100 Entries from 6 Continents

DATE: 04/21/2015

PRINCETON, N.J. (APRIL 21, 2015) – In its inaugural year the Conquer Paralysis Now Challenge received almost 100 applicants for a series of grants aimed at finding a cure for paralysis in the next decade. The pool of entries came from nearly 80 global research institutions in more than 25 countries across six continents such as Egypt, Argentina, India, Australia and the United States. Applicants were eligible for a total of $700,000 in grants across six categories. The grant categories range from a “New Investigator Award” aimed at drawing new researchers to the field of spinal cord injury (SCI) research to an “Out-of-the-Box Award” created to provide initial funding for high-risk, high-potential research ideas. For more information about each of these grants please click here. “One of the aims of the CPN Challenge is to entice international research that can help restore functions for those living with spinal cord injury,” said Conquer Paralysis Now Scientific Advisory Council Member Marie-Claude Perreault. “It’s therefore great to hear that the first round of Stage I grants attracted applications across the globe.” The Challenge plans to award nearly $20 million dollars in grants and prizes over the next 10 years. The first team that can reach unprecedented improvement in every day functions of people living with a chronic SCI will win the $10 million grand prize. “We will find a cure for paralysis within the next decade, if not sooner,” said Conquer Paralysis Now’s CEO Ida Cahill. “We have a plan and the commitment to make this happen. Through innovative funding and collaboration, we will drive research to help others regain vital everyday functions like reaching and grasping and bowel and bladder control.” The prize competition has been designed over the past several years by a world-renowned team of researchers and scientists. The Challenge is divided into three stages of increasing difficulty. Stage I has been launched with the ambition of providing seed funding to a wide range of non-traditional approaches. “With the launch of this audacious grand challenge, Conquer Paralysis Now aimed to tap into expertise around the world,” said Vice President Siobhán Gibney Gomis, head of InnoCentive’s nonprofit practice, which helped design the Challenge. “We were delighted that the first round of awards attracted such diverse submissions.” One of the most groundbreaking parts of the Challenge will be incentivizing scientists from around the world to share both their successes and failures. By openly sharing failures, the risk of duplicating unsuccessful efforts will be diminished, driving progress in finding a cure even faster. Grant winners will be announced Fall 2015. About Conquer Paralysis Now Conquer Paralysis Now is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with a mission to cure paralysis. The organization is leading the charge for a cure through funding scientific research, medical treatment and technological advances benefiting those paralyzed by spinal cord injuries, stroke or diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's or in other ways. For more information, visit

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Four initiatives from across Africa win share of global US$1 million Healthcare Innovation Award

DATE: 01/29/2015

Organisations from South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda recognised by GSK and Save the Children for innovations proven to help reduce deaths in under-fives. A simple mobile-phone app that helps staff at human milk banks (HMBs) with the pasteurisation of donor breast milk and a life-saving kit for the treatment of diarrhoea in under-fives have been awarded joint first prize in the annual GSK and Save the Children $1 million Healthcare Innovation Award. The University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN) and ColaLife Zambia were each awarded $370,000 for their innovative approaches to helping reduce deaths among newborns and infants.


Whole You™ Challenges the Healthcare Industry and Public to Help Find Solutions for Those with Oral and Vision Limitations

DATE: 01/29/2015

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Whole You, Inc., a Mitsui Chemicals’ company dedicated to providing innovative solutions that allow those with sensory and physical mobility challenges to live life to the fullest, has teamed up with crowd-sourcing company InnoCentive to challenge people from around the world to create innovative solutions for those with oral and vision challenges. In the oral space, Whole You is looking for solutions to incentivize compliance encouraging regular use of oral appliance to motivate patients to effectively manage obstructive sleep apnea. Additionally, the company has launched a vision challenge asking for ideas about other services vision care providers can offer to optimize a person’s health and well-being. One solver from each category that recommends the best idea in each category will be awarded $15,000.


4 ways asking for advice — and giving it away — pays off for your startup

DATE: 12/09/2014

Some people say the age of experts and human advisors is over since everything is searchable. I disagree. How much time have you spent on Google trying to learn about something tricky, like how to create an employee stock options pool, how to file a patent, or which business model will work best to convince venture capitalists? After a few hours of diving down one of these rabbit holes, you’ll probably just want to speak to an expert who could easily guide you to the right solutions in just a short session. Since I have been a maniac question-asker and advice-giver my entire life, I learned a few lessons to share.

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NASA Joins InnoCentive, Seeks Ideas from Public to Reduce Radiation Exposure

DATE: 11/20/2014

The American space agency, NASA, is looking to the public for innovative ways to help mitigate radiation exposure on deep space missions, a critical issue scientists and engineers must solve before astronauts travel to Mars.

Wall Street Journal

Got a Great Business Idea? Pitch It to a Website

DATE: 11/05/2014

Ideas are the lifeblood of an entrepreneur. Now a host of websites aim to give dreamers new ways to develop their ideas—and possibly turn a profit on them. One variety of site lets people with marketable ideas get a shot at having them critiqued by experts or other users, and perhaps even have the ideas developed. Another type of site hosts contests that offer prizes for cooking up innovative solutions to big problems facing corporations and other organizations. A newer variety of site lets people talk about pie-in-the-sky concepts and brainstorm about how to make them reality. Here’s a closer look at what these venues have to offer.


Opening innovation to global problem-solvers could yield government solutions

DATE: 10/28/2014

Editor’s note: Government Product News asked Innocentive’s Alph Bingham and Jon Fredrickson about innovations in products and processes in the public sector. Bingham is founder of InnoCentive and Fredrickson is vice president of government.

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Beyond Heroism And Denial: How To Fortify Our Response To Ebola

DATE: 10/22/2014

Heroism and denial have been the hallmarks of the Ebola crisis. The heroes are the front-line healthcare workers, 400 of whom have caught the disease, and 227 have died. Despite their bravery and sacrifice, however, skepticism and bureaucracy have slowed the response to the disease, and helped the epidemic gallop out of control. The outbreak that was first reported in December 2013, and only had about 50 identified cases in March, has now spread to 8900 patients, half of whom have died – 40% in the last month. It has entered its exponential phase with the number of cases doubling every three weeks. The numbers of cases and casualties have gone up ten times since June. Will we be looking at 80,000 patients and 40,000 deaths by the end of the year?


Crowdsourcing Collaboration Celebrates “Outside the Box” Applications for Dow’s UCON™ Oil Soluble PAGs to Help Address Global Challenges

DATE: 09/19/2014

Building on its foundational excellence of science-driven innovation, Dow turned to the power of the crowd to spearhead new application development and potential markets for UCON™ oil-soluble polyalkylene glycols (oil-soluble PAGs). Partnering with InnoCentive, the first of its kind Oil-Sol Challenge received more than 60 solutions from 43 countries.

NASA Picks Top Earth Data Challenge Ideas, Opens Call for Climate Apps

DATE: 08/22/2014

NASA has selected four ideas from the public for innovative uses of climate projections and Earth-observing satellite data. The agency also has announced a follow-on challenge with awards of $50,000 to build climate applications based on OpenNEX data on the Amazon cloud computing platform.


Follow that Cell

DATE: 08/21/2014

The National Institutes of Health is challenging science innovators to compete for prizes totaling up to $500,000, by developing new ways to track the health status of a single cell in complex tissue over time. The NIH Follow that Cell Challenge External Web Site Policy seeks tools that would, for example, monitor a cell in the process of becoming cancerous, detect changes due to a disease-causing virus, or track how a cell responds to treatment.

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TSA wants your help to improve screening wait times; offers $15,000 in prize money for winning idea

DATE: 08/02/2014

DENVER - The Transportation Security Administration is making a public plea for ideas on how to improve the security lines at checkpoint across the country -- including Denver International Airport. Currently the average wait time is 10 minutes, yet the TSA acknowledges the number of air passengers is expected to grow. Frequent fliers know the frustration can create stress early on during a trip. "Very stressful. I've gone places nearly crying by the time I got on the plane," said Barbara Shannon, who is flying from Denver to Los Angeles.

Attention, Passengers: $15,000 Prize For Whoever Can Speed TSA Screening

DATE: 07/29/2014

In anticipation that more fliers will be eager to pay for expedited checkpoint screening, the Transportation Security Administration has promised to award $15,000 in cash prizes to whoever can design a faster waiting line system. TSA on Tuesday opened a competition on InnoCentive, a website for crowdsourcing solutions to problems, which enables individuals and teams to submit proposals.

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Design a Better TSA Checkpoint and Win!

DATE: 07/29/2014

Since the inception of the Transportation Security Administration, the security checkpoint at airports within the United States has seen many changes and additions. From traditional metal detectors to full body scanners, the screening methods may have changed, but the basic layout of the checkpoint has remained the same. The typical TSA checkpoint has one large queue for most passengers, possibly a line for Business and First Class passengers, and finally a line for Pre✓™ passengers. To help sort out the madness, the TSA is turning to the public to help redesign the security queue and is awarding a total of $15,000 to the best submissions.

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Airport security, health IT, cyber-collaboration and more

DATE: 07/21/2014

TSA turns to contest to improve PreCheck The Transportation Safety Administration is turning to the crowd for ways to improve its PreCheck expedited security screening program. The TSA's listing on the InnoCentive crowdsourcing platform promised to reward the best ideas on how to improve PreCheck processes with a share of $15,000 in prize money. TSA said it was looking for a "Next Generation Checkpoint Queue Design Model to apply a scientific and simulation modeling approach to meet the dynamic security screening environment."

Lumina Foundation in Partnership with The Economist Group and InnoCentive Launches Challenge to Bridge the Gap between Education and Business

DATE: 07/07/2014

Lumina Foundation, in partnership with The Economist Group and InnoCentive , has launched a new crowdsourcing challenge which will generate solutions to closing the skills gap and increasing communication between higher education and today's workforce. Open to the public, the Challenge seeks to create a product or service that will facilitate communication between employers and higher education in order to better teach skills that are relevant and necessary for today's workforce

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Crowd Power: A New Way to Solve Health Problems

DATE: 07/01/2014

Claudio Fiocchi, MD, knows how much early detection matters for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. But he also knows today’s diagnostic tools generally detect the disease too late — after it has done extensive damage. When Dr. Fiocchi sought a new answer, he turned to the crowd. The idea: When trying to solve a problem, two heads are better than one. Two heads mean twice the brainpower, twice the ideas. So what happens when a hundred, a thousand or even a million heads work on your problem? Your chances of getting a solution rise.

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Potholes and Big Data: Crowdsourcing Our Way to Better Government

DATE: 03/24/2014

Phil Simon, Big Data and technology adviser, writes about Street Bump,an app that allows drivers to automatically report the road hazards to the city as soon as they hear that unfortunate “thud,” with their smartphones doing all the work. In July 2012, the City of Boston contracted InnoCentive to improve Street Bump and reduce the amount of tail chasing. The company accepted the challenge and essentially turned it into a contest, a process sometimes called gamification. InnoCentive offered a network of 400,000 experts a share of $25,000 in prize money donated by Liberty Mutual.

huffington post

Trying to Create Tomorrow's Company With Yesterday's Rules and Tools: Part 2 - The New Rules and Tools

DATE: 03/24/2014

Jeff DeGraff, Innovation thought leader and expert, discusses new approaches to innovation practices and makes mention of InnoCentive as a crowdsourcing innovation network

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Pundits Weigh In On The Next Big Thing

DATE: 08/26/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing

Insightful article articulates that "crowdsourcing works because the further a problem is from a person’s field of expertise, the more likely they are to solve it. They’re unshackled by the paradigms that plague us when we’re caught in organizational noise and process."

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The Crowd May Have Answers, but Agencies Must Define the Problem

DATE: 08/20/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Government

Article that discusses the use cases for crowdsourcing in government. Specifically, "crowdsourcing can help agencies save money, spur innovations in important industries and, in some cases such as the Citizen Archivist program, complete more work than could ever be done in house."

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Challenge Seeks Technique to Estimate Age from DNA Samples

DATE: 08/09/2013
TAGS: Corporation, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

Article about the recently launched $25,000 Estimating Age from DNA Challenge. This Challenge seeks a robust, rapid, and accurate method to determine an individual’s age using DNA from a variety of biological specimens.

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Lumina Foundation Issues Challenge to Improve User Experience of the “College Scorecard”

DATE: 08/02/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit

Another compelling Challenge launched by Lumina Foundation. The goal is to "provide an easy-to-use, streamlined source of information about college that is appealing to the diverse landscape of potential students."

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USAID Rewards Atrocity-Prevention Mobile Apps

DATE: 08/01/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

Insightful article that dives into the recently completed USAID-Humanity United Atrocity Prevention Challenges. The article includes information about the winning Solvers.

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Building the Future of Arms Control Through Innovative Eyes

DATE: 07/24/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

Insightful blog post by U.S. State Department’s Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller on the recently launched 2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge.

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U.S. State Department Launches "2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge"

DATE: 07/22/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

This Challenge seeks to develop innovative arms control inspection tools and processes that capture the potential of an era characterized by mobile devices and open information sharing. Ideas are being solicited for technology solutions to support future arms control inspections.

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5 Boston-Based Startups That Follow The Crowd

DATE: 07/17/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Social Innovation

Article puts forth that "InnoCentive is...unarguably a global thought leader when it comes to maximizing the idea of on-demand talent."

Vancouver Sun

Knowledge Problem? Go with the Crowd

DATE: 07/10/2013
TAGS: Corporation, Crowdsourcing, Government

Are you engaging the crowd to generate ideas and solve important problems? This article posits that "information technology applications are giving people more say in processes ranging from product development to government policy-making...Given what we are seeing in today's business environment, it may be that we are on the threshold of a new paradigm of crowd engagement for knowledge through IT."

Wall Street Journal

USAID and Humanity United Announce Winners of the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention

DATE: 07/10/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Not for Profit

USAID and Humanity United today announced the winners of the second round of the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention, unveiling a new wave of promising technologies with the potential to save lives and assist communities at risk in conflict. Three of the five Atrocity Prevention Challenges (Enablers, Capture, and Communicate) were crowdsourced to InnoCentive's global community of nearly 300,000 creative and diverse problem Solvers.


The New Global Economy: Managing Risk, Leveraging Opportunity

DATE: 07/09/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Government

InnoCentive Co-Founder and Board Member Alph Bingham recently spoke at the 19th Annual International Economic Forum of the Americas in Montreal. Said Alph: "It’s amazing how many people out there have profoundly creative ideas and are ready and willing to share them. Their motivations for contributing are diverse, but the results are the same – better solutions, faster. I think there are many Challenges we could make progress on by pushing less and pulling more.
" [after clicking through to, scroll down the page and click Alph's picture to hear more about what he had to say]

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GSK and Save the Children Launch One Million Dollar Award to Discover New Healthcare Innovations for Reducing Child Deaths

DATE: 06/27/2013

$1 Million InnoCentive-hosted Challenge seeks to identify and reward innovations in healthcare which have proven successful in reducing child deaths in developing countries.

Innovation Excellence Logo

How Open Innovation Increases Consumer Value

DATE: 06/14/2013

Insight article in Innovation Excellence featuring InnoCentive's Eric Seibold and a discussion about how OI increases consumer value. Nike's Fuelband is featured as an example.

HealthBiz Decoded logo

How Crowdsourcing Fuels Healthcare Innovation

DATE: 06/04/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Corporation, Crowdsourcing, Innovation

When it comes to your health, everyone knows you’re supposed to get a second opinion. But what about a third, fourth or even a thousandth opinion? Should the “wisdom of crowds” play a role in healthcare? InnoCentive's David Weisman is interviewed in this compelling article on the power of crowdsourcing to improve healthcare research and innovation.

TheScientist Logo

May the Best Model Win

DATE: 06/04/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

This insightful article discusses how "Big Data" computational Challenges are tapping the collective wisdom of the scientific community to solve medicine’s biggest problems. InnoCentive co-founder and board member Alph Bingham is interviewed.

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2013 Global Security Challenge Launches

DATE: 06/03/2013
TAGS: Corporation, Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

This year's Global Security Challenge (GSC) - the world's preeminent security prize - focuses on cybersecurity. The Challenge seeks the most promising young companies, university spin-offs, and concept projects capable of providing the next generation of protection for our data and ourselves - detecting threats and processing intelligence to ensure our online and physical safety.

Spencer Trask

The Wisdom of the Crowd

DATE: 05/24/2013

Article featuring InnoCentive Co-Founder and Board Member Alph Bingham discussing InnoCentive's work and business model. Highlighting the City of Boston's successful "Big Data" Street Bump Challenge, the article goes on to say that "InnoCentive provides a creative environment for virtual problem-solving and collaboration among the world’s top thinkers."

ThomasNet logo

CEA Challenge to Innovators: How Can We Recycle CRT Glass?

DATE: 04/26/2013

Article in ThomasNet News about CEA's Cathode Ray Challenge. The article features commentary from Christian Stevenson, InnoCentive’s Director of Premium Challenges, highlights the winners of CEA's first Challenge, and discusses the importance of this new Challenge which is open until July 1, 2013.

CEA Logo

Consumer Electronics and Being Green

DATE: 04/22/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Corporation, Crowdsourcing

A synopsis of the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) sustainability efforts including its work with InnoCentive on a couple of sustainability Challenges focused on old cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs.

Lumina Pairs With InnoCentive to Improve Post-Secondary Education

DATE: 04/03/2013

Article featuring an interview with Lumina Foundation's VP of Innovation, Kiko Suarez, focused on the recent launch of the Foundation's Open Innovation Pavilion, new Challenges, and overall strategic goals for the program.

CEA Logo

Find a Sustainable Solution in the CRT Challenge

DATE: 04/01/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit

The Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) recently launched part two of its Cathode Ray Challenge, this one focused on finding new uses for recycled glass. This article discusses both the current Challenge and previous one, including information about the winning Solvers.

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EIT Innovation Competition Launches for Rail

DATE: 03/21/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

Article on the UK's Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) Enabling Innovation Team (EIT) and its £1m competition to identify opportunities for innovation in service culture, business process, journey planning, the whole journey experience, and design of facilities. InnoCentive's Director Jonathan Slater is interviewed.

Open Innovation Challenge Aims to End Mass Atrocities

DATE: 03/13/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Not for Profit

Insightful article by which dives into the USAID and Humanity United Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention, a technology competition featuring five distinct Challenges (of which three are being run on InnoCentive) which seek to enlist Solvers from around the world in support of the White House’s effort to design new tools to help prevent and respond to mass atrocities.

USAID-Humanity United

USAID and Humanity United Announce Round 2 of Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention

DATE: 03/06/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Not for Profit

Three new Innovation Challenges which encourage individuals, groups, and organizations to apply technology-based solutions to the most significant issues surrounding atrocity prevention.

Alliance Magazine Logo

The Power of the Crowd (byline in Alliance Magazine)

DATE: 03/01/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit

InnoCentive's Simon Schneider penned this insightful byline about the power of the crowd in the March 2013 issue of Alliance Magazine.

John Batchelor Show Logo

InnoCentive Interview on the John Batchelor Show

DATE: 02/20/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

InnoCentive's VP of Marketing Steve Bonadio is interviewed by Chris Riback about InnoCentive's unique business model and value proposition in this nine minute segment on the John Batchelor Show.

the boston globe logo

Thorny Research Problems, Solved by Crowdsourcing

DATE: 02/11/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Making the Business Case

Article in the Boston Globe focused on crowdsourcing innovation problems and featuring commentary by InnoCentive's marketing VP Steve Bonadio.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Hosts Challenge to Generate Ideas for Expanding the Scientific Discovery Experience on the Web of Knowledge

DATE: 01/25/2013
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

Thomson Reuters launched a Challenge today titled "Seeking Creative Use Cases for Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge." This $10,000 Ideation Challenge seeks use cases for Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge content, tools, and APIs (Application Programming Interface) that would enable users to engage in creative new behaviors, beyond what is currently possible with online research portals. How will users want to search and discover scholarly content throughout the next 5 years?

Business Because

Inside View: InnoCentive - Interview with Siobhan Gibney Gomis

DATE: 01/21/2013
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing

InnoCentive's Senior Director of Operations and Deputy Head of EMEA, Siobhan Gibney Gomis, is interviewed by Business Because. "Like a football club and its fans, we are nothing without our Solvers," says Gibney Gomis.

Economist Logo

Winner Revealed! The Economist-Nielsen Data Visualization Challenge

DATE: 12/10/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing

This Challenge asked the world to review Nielsen's global consumer data, generate insightful conclusions with broad implications, and present a compelling visual presentation of the most interesting ideas from the data. Over 4,000 Solvers from 101 countries signed up to participate in the Challenge, and of the hundreds of Solvers from around the globe who provided a solution, seven were chosen as finalists. The winning team was announced at The Economist World in 2013 Festival in New York City on December 8, 2012.

University of Buffalo Logo

Solver Revealed! An Innovative Idea to Eradicate Polio

DATE: 11/29/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit

Article featuring Solver Harvey Arbesman for his winning work on the recently awarded BeyondPolio Challenge. Mr. Arbesman was an InnoCentive Top Solver in 2010 and also provided a winning solution in the $1M Prize4Life ALS Biomarker Challenge.

Harvard Business Review Logo

Harvard Business Review: Are You Solving the Right Problem?

DATE: 11/19/2012
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin's September 2012 article in HBR posits that most firms aren't solving the right problems, or even asking the right questions, which undermines their innovation efforts. Courtesy of HBR, this article is now available to the general public until August 2013.

Back End of Innovation 2012 Logo

InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin to Present at Back End of Innovation 2012

DATE: 10/08/2012

Dwayne will present “Harnessing Challenges & A World of Talent to Drive Tangible Value and Return-on-Innovation" at BEI 2012 in Boston. Part of the Return on Innovation track, Dwayne will present insights on how companies that leverage open innovation Challenges and crowdsource them to diverse audiences to solve R&D problems and accelerate product innovation, realize an exponentially greater return-on-innovation compared to organizations that have not adopted these proven techniques. Delegates who attend will gain insight into: (1) Proven and measureable customer results and return-on-innovation, (2) Efficiency and time savings as a result of running successful challenges and prize competitions, (3) Improved internal collaboration to align resources around solving key problems, and (4) Access to external talent which is otherwise non-existent in-house.

TEDx Helvetia

Innovating our Way to the Future: Dwayne Spradlin's Speech at TEDxHelvetia

DATE: 09/27/2012
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of InnoCentive shows how we can harness the potential of innovators across the globe through crowdsourcing. Using concrete examples from several domains, he presents custom-created solutions for specific problems and encourages us all to find the rocket scientist inside ourselves.


JDRF Announces Winners of the Glucose-Responsive Insulin Grand Challenge Prize

DATE: 09/17/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit, Open Innovation

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, announced today the winners of the Theoretical Phase of its first-ever public Challenge, which called for novel theoretical ideas to approach the discovery and development of glucose-responsive insulin (GRI) to treat diabetes. JDRF launched the $100,000 Challenge one year ago in partnership with InnoCentive.

Wired logo

Calling All Data Designers: The Economist Wants Your Visualizations

DATE: 09/12/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing

A Wired article about The Economist-Nielsen Data Visualization Challenge, featuring interviews with Sean McManus, director of programs at The Economist and Steve Bonadio, VP of marketing at InnoCentive.

Health Data Consortium

Health Data Consortium Interview with InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin

DATE: 09/07/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

The Health Data Consortium (HDC) is a collaboration among government, non-profit, and private sector organizations working to foster the availability and use of health data to drive innovations that improve health and health care. In this post, the HDC interviews Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of InnoCentive and a member of HDC’s Executive Committee.

The Economist

Crowdsourcing data visualisations: On your mark, get set...

DATE: 08/21/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Innovation

This article on delves into that idea that "people outside of the organizations that hold the data may have more creative ideas about how the information can best be presented." The article references The Economist-Nielsen Data Visualization Challenge currently underway on To date, nearly 800 Solvers have already signed up to participate in this Challenge.


Challenge Solution Revealed! PopSci-InnoCentive Education Challenge

DATE: 08/15/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing

A year ago, the Popular Science-InnoCentive Education Challenge asked for lesson plans that could be used at the middle-school level in each of five areas of science that will be vital in the future. Materials couldn't cost more than $50, and the lesson needed to fit into no more than three 50-minute classes. Here, we proudly announce the solutions, winners, and runners-up.


Q&A: Dwayne Spradlin on leading “a marketplace of innovation,” InnoCentive

DATE: 08/06/2012
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

SmartPlanet's Pure Genius Q&A featuring Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of InnoCentive. The article provides a thorough overview of InnoCentive, open innovation and how it works, as well as stories about successful Challenges.

Associated Press

App Detects Potholes, Alerts Boston City Officials

DATE: 07/20/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

Associated Press story on the successful outcome of InnoCentive's Street Bump Challenge with the City of Boston.


Gartner Report: InnoCentive Positions Itself as a Challenge Marketplace

DATE: 07/16/2012

Case study of InnoCentive conducted by IT research firm Gartner. InnoCentive's general manager of EMEA, Simon Schneider, is interviewed in the report.

Open Innovation: Creating Through Community Creation

DATE: 07/03/2012
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

Article by author Anton Root who spoke with a handful of open innovation leaders, including InnoCentive, and found that the path to expansion and eventual maturity of OI lies in the potential for collaboration and building like-minded and motivated communities of problem solvers.

Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer's

The Alzheimer's Challenge 2012 Announces Winner for Open Source Innovation; $300,000 in Total Prizes

DATE: 06/20/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit, Open Innovation

The Geoffrey Beene Gives Back Alzheimer’s Initiative (GBGBAI) today announced of Cambridge, Massachusetts, as the winner of the Alzheimer’s Challenge 2012. was awarded $175,000 to help further develop its idea for a behavioral analytics platform using a combination of a mobile phone application and web-based dashboard. Building on the success of this Challenge, GBGBAI is soon set to launch the Geoffrey Beene’s Rock Stars of Science Global Grand Challenge, the second in its series of prize-based Challenge competitions designed in coordination with InnoCentive.

Foundation for Prader-Willi Research

InnoCentive Research Prizes Awarded!

DATE: 06/11/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit

In December 2011, InnoCentive partnered with the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR) to launch a Challenge seeking novel avenues for research into hyperphagia, or unregulated appetite, common in children with Prader-Willi syndrome. We are pleased to annouce the successful completion of the Challenge along with a video announcement of the winners, as well as provide open access to the actual winning solutions via FPWR's blog.

AOL Government Logo

Feds Launch Contest Seeking New Type Of Health Monitoring Device

DATE: 06/08/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

This article explores how three federal agencies are trying to tap the creativity of the marketplace to develop a new breed of portable, light-weight, inexpensive sensors to better understand how individuals are affected by air pollution. Called the "My Air, My Health" Challenge, it is currently open to Solvers on


NIH, EPA Announce Competition for Personal Air Pollution and Health Sensors

DATE: 06/06/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

A competition to create a personal sensor system that measures air pollution and a person's physiological response to it will offer cash awards to finalists, federal officials announced today. The goal is to help researchers, communities, and physicians better understand the connection between air quality and health. The "My Air, My Health: An HHS/EPA Challenge" is now open on the InnoCentive Challenge Center.

Globe & Mail

How Outsiders Solve Problems that Stump Experts

DATE: 05/02/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

An article on how "expertise in other fields [allows individuals] to think differently and more creatively than others." This article references the groundbreaking work by Dr. Karim Lakhani at Harvard Business School and also dives into how InnoCentive's customers such as Eli Lilly have achieved success via crowdsourcing problems to diverse problem Solvers.

Scientific American Logo

Jonah Lehrer and the New Science of Creativity

DATE: 03/19/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

In this review of Jonah Lehrer's new book "Imagine" subtitled "How Creativity Works," the author highlights InnoCentive, and uses examples to show how outside thinking often leads to brilliant solutions.

Wall Street Journal

How to Be Creative

DATE: 03/09/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

In this article about being creative, writer Jonah Lehrer suggests that "big breakthroughs often depend on the naive daring of outsiders" and highlights InnoCentive as an organization which is highly successful in solving difficult problems precisely because Challenges attract "outsider thinking."

InnovationNewsDaily logo

Idea Turns Old TV Tubes into X-Ray Shielding Tiles

DATE: 03/01/2012

In this article about the CEA Challenge to find new uses for recycled CRT glass, the authors discuss several of the solutions, including an idea to mix the crushed glass tubes with cement, to make tiles for X-ray rooms. There, the lead in the tiles would protect people from X-ray radiation, just as they did inside old TVs

the new york times logo

Prizes With an Eye Toward the Future

DATE: 02/29/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

In this article about prize-driven innovation, writer Tina Rosenberg says "What eBay does for buyers and sellers, companies like InnoCentive do for problem solvers." The article explores the idea of open innovation bringing solutions forward that never would have been found otherwise, and the high likelihood that solvers from outside the Challenge domain will solve a problem that has eluded the experts in that field.

new york times logo

Innovation for the People, by the People

DATE: 02/22/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

In this article about prizes and challenges as catalysts for innovation, writer David Bornstein highlights InnoCentive and the Air Force Research Lab's Vehicle Stopper Challenge. The article focuses on the federal government's innovation strategies, and addresses the question "How can governments unearth knowledge that's scattered far and wide and bring it together in a way that is useful for society?"

CNN Logo

Street Bump app detects potholes, tells city officials

DATE: 02/16/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

The City of Boston's InnoCentive Challenge is featured in this story from For this Challenge, the City of Boston asked Solvers to develop an algorithm that would accurately predict the location of potholes based on data collected from volunteers' smart phones.

fast company logo

Street Bump: An App That Automatically Tells The City When You Drive Over Potholes

DATE: 02/15/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

This FastCompany article features the Street Bump mobile app developed by the City of Boston in collaboration with InnoCentive. The story recognizes the Solver, Ed Aboufadel, a Professor at Grand Valley State University.

Innovation Management SE

5 Ways Small Businesses can Innovate Like the Big Guys

DATE: 02/15/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing

This byline by InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin provides five tips to help small and medium businesses to level the innovation playing field with their larger competitors.

National Research Council Canada Logo

Crowdsourcing science: Could you be part of the next big breakthrough?

DATE: 02/13/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

In this article, from NRC Canada's Dimensions Magazine, features InnoCentive Solver Andrew Trivett. In addition to being a prolific Solver, Andrew uses Challenges to advance the studies of his class at the University of Prince Edward Island, where he is a math professor.

Wired logo

Boston Asks for the Public's Help in Fixing Potholes

DATE: 02/13/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

Coverage of the City of Boston's Street Bump Challenge, which was recently solved. The Street Bump Challenge is a great example of governments using the crowd to deliver better services to citizens, and to invite participation so people can have a hand in improving their own cities.

WGBH logo

Crowdsourcing for Science, Medicine and Government

DATE: 02/13/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing

InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin is interviewed on InnovationHub along with noted Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Karim Lakhani and InnoCentive customers City of Boston and Prize4Life. This in depth interview covers the history of crowdsourcing and two real-world examples of how issuing a Challenge to the crowd is changing the world.


A call for a 21st-century battlefield stretcher

DATE: 02/10/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

The Air Force Research Lab has again reached out to the InnoCentive Solver Community for solutions to a critical problem. Since the Civil War, the Air Force has used the same technology for medical stretchers used in combat. Now they are seeking a new technology that will provide faster, safer, more reliable outcomes in the field. This Challenge has truly captured the imaginations of Solvers and the media.

InnovationNewsDaily logo

Air Force 'Batman' Wants a 21st-Century Battlefield Stretcher

DATE: 02/10/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

In this article, journalist Jeremy Hsu writes about the AFRL stretcher Challenge, and the need for the Air Force to innovate in the field of combat rescue.

e-Week logo

Organizations Capitalize on Collective Intelligence

DATE: 01/18/2012
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation, Social Innovation

New research from IBM highlights InnoCentive's partnership with The Economist as an example of "businesses using collective intelligence to speed up company growth, improve efficiency, enhance products and services, and strengthen the employee environment." According to The Economist's Justin Hendrix, “The quality and the volume of [responses] we got back were just extraordinary. In each of the cases so far, we’ve had very high quality responses. People take the InnoCentive process seriously, and respond accordingly,”

AOL Government Logo

Crowd-Sourcing Yields Ingenious Solutions for Air Force Research Lab

DATE: 11/07/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

The Air Force Research Lab's work with InnoCentive is profiled, including a video of InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin talking about open innovation in government.

Today Show Logo

The Air Force Challenge to protect soldiers in rapid descent featured on Today

DATE: 10/21/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

The Today Show's web site features an AFRL Challenge that aims to protect soldiers from harm when descending a rope quickly.

Innovation Management SE

How to Accelerate Innovation through Challenge Driven Innovation

DATE: 10/17/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, InnoCentive Book, Open Innovation

In this article featured on Innovation Management, InnoCentive's senior marketing director Steve Bonadio dives into Challenge Driven Innovation, an innovation framework that enables companies to solve problems faster, more cost-effectively, and with less risk.

SciBX logo

Lilly's Opening Moves - Science-Business eXchange

DATE: 10/13/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

An article about Lilly's Open Innovation Drug Discovery platform, an initiative with the goal of applying a crowdsourcing approach to finding new small molecules from external investigators that fit the company’s core disease focus areas. The program is one of several forays that Lilly has made into open innovation, the other most notable being the founding and eventual spin-off of InnoCentive. The article quotes InnoCentive founder Alph Bingham, formerly VP of sourcing innovation and R&D strategy at Lilly, about the proliferation of open innovation in drug discovery.

InformationWeek logo

Crowdsourcing Cracks AIDS Mystery, What's Next?

DATE: 09/27/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

In this interview with InnoCentive CTO David Ritter, David Carr discusses the phenomenon of gamification, and the fact that InnoCentive has been using these concepts for years to solve Challenges for Businesses.


White House Reports on Success of Air Force Research Lab's Challenge

DATE: 09/02/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

In this blog posted on, Alok Das of the Air Force Research Laboratory discusses the successful outcome of a Challenge focused on stopping uncooperative vehicles. Interesting Solver and solution details are provided in the post.


InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin Interviewed on MYOB Radio Show

DATE: 08/10/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Innovation, Open Innovation

Longtime entrepreneurs Rick Brutti and Jeffrey Davis host Mind Your Own Business (MYOB), a radio talk show focusing on entrepreneurs, their stories, and a host of topics of interest for entrepreneurial businesses. In this segment, the hosts interview Dwayne on InnoCentive's unique value proposition and the power of open innovation and crowdsourcing to solve problems that matter.

ZDNet Logo

Businesses open up to social innovation

DATE: 08/02/2011

In this article from ZDNet Asia, InnoCentive is highlighted as a business that helps companies "not only access diverse knowledge of the crowd, but also reduce the cost of task execution and externalize the risk of failure."


Gartner Next Practices: Crowdsourcing Talent

DATE: 07/21/2011
TAGS: Best Practice, Crowdsourcing

Gartner analyst Jim Holincheck looks beyond traditional human resources (HR) practices to help organizations achieve improved business outcomes via crowdsourcing.

Investor's Business Daily logo

Google Again Tries Q&A Service; Cash Prizes

DATE: 07/15/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

InnoCentive President and CEO Dwayne Spradlin interviewed by Pete Barlas about Google's re-entry into the prize-based Q&A space.

InformationWeek logo

Google's Awards Cash for Ideas

DATE: 07/07/2011

A review of Google's includes an interview with InnoCentive CTO David Ritter about the potential of crowdsourcing to improve business processes and advance scientific research.


XChange Public Sector: Why Large Federal Programs Fail

DATE: 06/17/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

A review of William Eggers’s (global director of Deloitte Services Research Public Sector) book "If We Can Get a Man on the Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government" that includes an example of NASA using InnoCentive for technology problems.

AMEX logo

How Your Small Business Can Leverage Open Innovation And Crowdsourcing

DATE: 06/15/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, InnoCentive Book, Open Innovation

Chief Innovation Evangelist Stephen Shapiro interviews CEO Dwayne Spradlin on the American Express (AMEX) Open Forum about open innovation, crowdsourcing, and The Open Innovation Marketplace book.

whitepaper graphic

Latest Thought Leadership Report on Grand Challenges

DATE: 06/14/2011

InnoCentive’s own Steve Bonadio, Gabriel Eichler, and Dwayne Spradlin dive into the definition and benefits of Grand Challenges, the essential requirements for a successful program, pitfalls and obstacle avoidance, and examples of Grand Challenges in action. (registration required)

huffington post

Closing the Digital Divide

DATE: 06/07/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Innovation, Social Innovation

An article encouraging the use of Cyber schools to combat illiteracy. The Economist and InnoCentive Challenge, 21st Century Cyber Schools, is mentioned.

Federal Computer Week logo

Think hard, invent something, win a prize

DATE: 05/27/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

A blog post reiterating that online contests are a great version of performance-based contracting, and mentions NASA using InnoCentive for their contests.

gartner logo

Open Innovation Marketplace — A book review

DATE: 05/13/2011

A detailed review of the book “Open Innovation Marketplace” by Alpheus Bingham and Dwayne Spradlin.

MIT's Technology Review

Road Repair via Crowdsourcing

DATE: 05/13/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

An article describing the City of Boston’s Street Bump Challenge currently posted on, asking developers to improve the app to report potholes accurately.

ESPN logo

The crowd factor

DATE: 05/12/2011

An interesting article about introducing open innovation and crowdsourcing to jump-start innovation in the surf industry. The author is asking for seamless, slimmer, resilient wetsuits and environmentally friendly and surfboard materials and a host of other enhancements and innovations. She credits the World Wide Web and InnoCentive with the accelerating the use of crowdsourcing and cash prizes for "linking regular people with ideas to problems."

forbes logo

Taking My Personal Innovation Lifestyle to the Doctor

DATE: 05/11/2011

A blog about how open innovation can play a big role in disease detection and cure. The author talks about the Prize4Life and InnoCentive partnership and the winning ALS Biomarker Challenge.

guardian logo

Supercharging human ingenuity for sustainability

DATE: 05/05/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Innovation, Open Innovation

An article arguing for the use of competitions and open source to spur innovation in the sustainability space. InnoCentive is described as the "innovation pioneer" that has built a platform that promotes the "appetite for innovation."

forbes logo

Can We Crowdsource a Cure for Cancer?

DATE: 05/05/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Innovation, Making the Business Case

An article about the benefits of using crowdsourcing to find a cure for cancer. The writer mentions InnoCentive as a route to scale the crowd for their "adjacent areas of expertise" to find new ideas and solutions for scientific and industrial problems.

information today logo

InnoCentive Links Problems and Problem-Solvers

DATE: 04/25/2011

An article about InnoCentive and the Challenge Driven Innovation process. The article also briefly describes our partnership with Popular Science and the new book by Alph Bingham and Dwayne Spradlin, The Open Innovation Marketplace: Creating Value in the Challenge Driven Enterprise.


Future pharma: Pharma’s new high-tech toolkit

DATE: 04/19/2011

An article about innovative new ways that the pharmaceutical industry is using technology, including combating drug counterfeits, refining their sales techniques and improving their R&D using crowdsourcing and open innovation, such as the InnoCentive website.

InnoCentive: Creating Value in the Challenge Driven Enterprise

DATE: 04/11/2011
TAGS: Corporation, Crowdsourcing, InnoCentive Book

An interview with CEO Dwayne Spradlin about crowdsourcing and InnoCentive.

fast company logo

Can Open Innovation Save the Planet?

DATE: 02/22/2011

An article about the InnoCentive and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) partnership and the potential environmental benefits of crowdsourcing ideas and solutions business sustainability challenges. The OSRI & Sunnight Solar Challenges are mentioned.

huffington post logo

Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, on the Evolution and Promise of Social Innovation

DATE: 02/06/2011

An interview with Judith Rodin about the benefits of [and future] of social innovation. She talks about InnoCentive as Rockefeller’s crowdsourcing partner for solving social problems and our role in this space.

forbes logo

Using Crowdcasting To Find Treatments For The Paralyzed

DATE: 02/04/2011

An interesting article highlighting the value of using open innovation to not only advance drug development with regards to the ALS Solution, but also to “help recognize … and appreciate how much wisdom may be out there.” InnoCentive is recognized as a “the pioneering broadcast search platform.”

new york academy of sciences logo

How open innovation networks can help solve scientific puzzles

DATE: 02/03/2011
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Innovation, Open Innovation

An in-depth article about crowdsourcing, open innovation and “incentive prize contests.” The writer lists a number of open innovation sites, but predominantly concentrates on InnoCentive and InnoCentive Challenges as examples.

the new york times logo

$1 Million to Inventor of Tracker for A.L.S.

DATE: 02/03/2011

An article about the groundbreaking ALS Solution and the huge impact it will have on the drug development for multiple sclerosis. InnoCentive is recognized as the platform for running the Challenge.

shreveport times logo

Community Foundation to fund problem-solving challenge

DATE: 01/29/2011

An article about the InnoCentive Creating a Community of Successful Readers, posted by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana. The Challenge is the first in a series of “ideas competition” to elicit ideas idea for solving an annually chosen problem affecting the community.

fast company logo

Have a Business Problem? Just Skip It

DATE: 01/20/2011
TAGS: Corporation, Crowdsourcing

An excerpt from Burrus’s new book Flash Foresight, in which he recommends that one business strategy to deal with a huge problem could be to “just to skip it altogether.” He examines the genesis of InnoCentive to explain his position.

Funding: Researching outside the box

DATE: 01/19/2011

An article about the merits of being an InnoCentive Solver. logo

Toyota taps InnoCentive

DATE: 12/03/2010

This article describes the Toyota-InnoCentive relationship, explaining that InnoCentive's problem-solving methodology is the reason why Toyota turned to us for evaluating and vetting all the Challenge submissions.

the huffington post logo

On Enlightened Amateurism

DATE: 11/17/2010

The writer talks about InnoCentive to highlight the importance of amateur enthusiasts: how innovative answers come from people whose area of expertise is outside of the Challenge domain.

USA Today logo

After BP oil spill, thousands of ideas poured in for cleanup

DATE: 11/15/2010

An article about the solutions BP received to help cleanup the oil spill. BP feel that many of the solutions were good and helped create incremental changes to the existing methods to cleanup the spill. However, many, including InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin feel that there are more tools that can be used to help propel new innovations and inventions.

new york times logo

Toyota Turns to Consumers for ‘Ideas’

DATE: 11/08/2010

An article about Toyota's “Ideas for good” campaign, which invites consumers to come up with new ways to use five existing Toyota Motor technologies. InnoCentive worked as a consultant with them on the design of the contest.

frost & sullivan ebullitien

Is Breakthrough Innovation In Next Year’s Budget?

DATE: 10/26/2010

CEO Dwayne Spradlin wrote this article for the Frost & Sullivan eNewsletter. The article is about the importance of optimizing innovation, and the need to plan the budget now, vs. waiting until 2011 has begun and it’s likely to be too late.

govpro logo

Governments looking for innovations in products, services and processes

DATE: 10/07/2010

The writer, Michael Keating, talks to Jon Fredrickson about how the government can use open innovation and offers some examples in finding out-of-the-box solutions.

the boston globe logo

Harvard casts a wide net for aid on diabetes

DATE: 10/04/2010

An article describing the Catalyst Challenge, Solver Kevin Dolan’s solution and the power of crowdsourcing.

E&P logo

Open innovation changes the playing field

DATE: 10/01/2010

CEO Dwayne Spradlin writes about how changing the way the Oil & Gas industry innovates will allow “tools and knowledge from many disciplines to bring about more rapid technology advances.”

harvard crimson logo

‘The Challenge’ Seeks Diabetes Cure

DATE: 09/30/2010

An article about the success of finding ideas to the Catalyst Challenge. This article focuses on the motivations for posting it on InnoCentive – to test whether this “crowdsourcing strategy” could be applied to the academic health care community. 9/29/2010

harvard gazette logo

Challenge of finding a cure

DATE: 09/29/2010

An article about the origins of the Catalyst Challenge, the crowdsourcing experiment with InnoCentive (which they call the “Challenge”) and the twelve “pioneering” solutions and their Solvers.

the huffington post logo

"If you Want an Answer, ask Everyone:" The Rise of Crowd-Source Grantmaking

DATE: 09/28/2010
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit, Social Innovation

An article that encourages NFP Foundations to use crowdsourcing as an integral part of their social media strategy, as it can help find new ideas and opportunities. The Rockefeller Foundation, Global Giving and InnoCentive partnership is profiled as a good example for using crowdsourcing solutions to five Challenges, that were themselves identified through crowdsourcing! logo

'Wisdom of crowds' marshaled to solve type 1 diabetes

DATE: 09/28/2010

An article profiling Solver Kevin Dolan, one of the winners of the Catalyst Challenge.

businessweek logo

Business Ideas from the Crowd

DATE: 09/24/2010

An article encouraging businesses to utilize crowdsourcing based on 7 guidelines. InnoCentive is described as a way to "Engage the solution provider.”

vancouver sun logo

Acclaim calls for UBC doctor's plan to use cellphones to teach

DATE: 09/10/2010
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit, Social Innovation

An article about the winner of The Economist-InnoCentive Challenge on 21st Century Cyber Schools winner, Dr. Andrew Deonarine, and his solution, the EduCell.

vancouver sun logo

UBC medical student wins $10,000 for cellphone based educational system

DATE: 09/09/2010

A short story about the winner of the first Economist Challenge (Challenge on 21st Century Cyber Schools), Dr. Andrew Deonarine, and his solution, the EduCell plan.)

the huffington post logo

HuffPost Innovators: InnoCentive, Waste Farmers And More

DATE: 07/22/2010
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

InnoCentive is featured in Huffington Post's Innovators Series, a compilation of interesting and promising start-ups from the HuffPost community.

washington technology logo

A Web-based model for procurement contests

DATE: 07/21/2010

A blog post describing InnoCentive and recommending us as a cost-effective option that government agencies should be considering. He references one of the NASA Challenges and briefly explains why InnoCentive is a great option for R&D procurement.

discover magazine blog

Who gets the credit for the BP container cap? YOU do.

DATE: 07/20/2010

A guest post by Darlene Cavalier, co-founder of for the Discover Magazine blog, recommending that the government formalize a process to solicit and vet solutions from the public in light of the overwhelming response to the oil spill clean-up. She includes CEO Dwayne Spradlin as part of a think-tank to help pre-wire the system before the next crisis, suggests that InnoCentive should be an option to solicit & process ideas.

information week government logo

NASA Announces Space Invention Awards

DATE: 07/14/2010
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government, Open Innovation

An article describing the NASA Challenges and their winners and solutions. logo

Oil and the entrepreneur

DATE: 07/11/2010

A write-up about the frustration felt by solution contributors that BP was not listening. It includes a passage about BP’s letter to InnoCentive asking for help finding ways to detect and skim oil.

reuters logo

UK mulls science cash prizes for innovation

DATE: 07/07/2010

An article about the UK government considering using cash prize-based competition for discovering new technologies as a cost-effective way to support their R&D. InnoCentive is mentioned as a successful commercial example of using this method in their online marketplace.

NASA logo

NASA Announces Winners of Space Life Sciences Open Innovation Competition

DATE: 07/07/2010

NASA's press release announcing the three winning Challenges, the InnoCentive Solvers and their solutions. It also mentions how these Challenges (plus one upcoming one), and by extension InnoCentive, are part of their overall innovation strategy.

BBC news logo

Should we trust the wisdom of crowds?

DATE: 07/05/2010

An opinion piece about the pitfalls of crowdsourcing. InnoCentive is mentioned by Geoff Mulgan in a side box of the article, as a company who uses “crowdsourcing extensively.

the washington post logo

Possible oil-spill solutions pour in, seemingly unheeded, from around the world

DATE: 07/03/2010

An article describing some of the oil-spill solutions that were sent to BP, some of the difficulties they face in sorting through the ideas and the frustration felt by everyone that their ideas were not looked at, including InnoCentive’s submissions.


Opinion: Innocentive and 80,000 people try to help with spill. Result, zip.

DATE: 07/01/2010
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation, Social Innovation

An opinion piece about BP’s inaction, referencing CEO Dwayne Spradlin’s blog post "InnoCentive Oil Spill Challenge - BP’s Response."

Tapping the crowd for technologies

DATE: 07/01/2010
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

This article by Nature highlights InnoCentive’s role in Open Innovation and crowdsourcing and our efforts to help with the gulf oil spill.

TheStreet logo

BP Snubs Innovators: Today's Outrage

DATE: 06/25/2010
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation, Social Innovation

An opinion piece on the outrage following BP’s refusal of the 908 ideas submitted by InnoCentive’s Solvers, and InnoCentive’s next steps in trying to help clean the oil spill.


BP to InnoCentive: Sorry, We Don't Want Your 908 Ideas for Saving the Gulf

DATE: 06/23/2010

An article about BP refusing to work with InnoCentive and accept the free 908 ideas for cleaning up the oil spill. Includes quotes from CEO Dwayne Spradlin.

Forbes logo

The Rise Of The Collaboration Backbone

DATE: 06/22/2010
TAGS: Corporation, Crowdsourcing, Innovation, Open Innovation

An article about the importance and pervasiveness of collaboration technologies, citing InnoCentive as an example.

the huffington post logo

Does Crowdsourcing Threaten your Job (Or Offer New Opportunity?)

DATE: 06/16/2010

An article about the evolution of crowdsourcing and its potential to be a threat or an opportunity for experts. InnoCentive is mentioned as an example of a crowdsourcing platform that coordinates expert crowds to work on tasks requiring specialized knowledge.

fox news

A Gusher of Oil Spill Solutions

DATE: 06/15/2010

A blog post on Fox News's blog Live Shots that includes interview with Dwayne Spradlin about the oil spill cleanup challenge.

hardball with chris matthews

How to stop the spill

DATE: 06/02/2010

Chris Mathew's from NBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" interviews InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin about the oil spill Challenge. They discuss the variety of the solutions submitted by our Solvers and the underlying need for those in charge to start looking very seriously at the some of the solutions to clean up the oil spill.

Wake Up With Al logo

Got an idea to clean up the oil spill?

DATE: 05/24/2010

An interview with CEO Dwayne Spradlin about how InnoCentive Solvers have taken up the challenge to solve the oil spill problem and and a brief discussion of the "what’s next” step.

Associated Press

Inventors say BP Ignoring Their Oil Spill Ideas

DATE: 05/19/2010

An article by Michael Kunzelman and Mike Baker commenting on BP's failure to use the ideas submitted to help in cleaning up the oil spill. It references the many ideas submitted to InnoCentive's Emergency 2.0 Oil Spill Challenge.

TheStreet logo

BP May Be Letting Best Solutions Slip By

DATE: 05/18/2010

An article by Carmen Nobel that lists different ways BP is letting solutions slip through the cracks. It includes a brief description of InnoCentive's oil spill challenge and the variety of viable solutions submitted. logo

Solve world education problems and win $10k

DATE: 05/12/2010

An article encouraging people to register on InnoCentive and submit ideas to the InnoCentive-Economist Challenge "The 21st Century Cyber-schools Challenge."

NPR's Science Friday

NPR’s Talk of the Nation: Science Friday

DATE: 05/07/2010

Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation: Science Friday” discusses some “outside-the-box” solutions for stopping the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with three guest panelists, including InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin. Dwayne shared some interesting and innovative solutions to InnoCentive’s Emergency Response 2.0 Challenge, Solutions to Respond to Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

MIT Slone Management Review

The Collective Intelligence Genome

DATE: 03/31/2010

This is a PDF of an article written in MIT Sloan Management Review's Spring 2010 edition about three collaborative innovators: InnoCentive Threadless and Wikipedia.

cspan video library

Innovation and the economy in 2010

DATE: 12/17/2009

This is a 50-minute video segment of a panel discussion that CEO Dwayne Spradlin participated in as part of the Economist’s The World in 2010 event in Washington D.C. He offers his insight into the future of innovation discusses the state of the economy, economic and business innovation, and opportunities for growth.


Innovation in a Recession

DATE: 09/25/2009

CTO David Ritter is included in KQED Radio’s “Forum with Michael Krasny” to discuss how some companies are leveraging new technology to foster innovation in a down economy.


Crowdsourcing for Small Businesses

DATE: 08/11/2009
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Making the Business Case

InnoCentive is featured in article as a company whose services not only benefit large companies with large R&D budgets but smaller companies as well with tighter budgets and more specific needs.

Wall Street Journal

In Search of Innovation

DATE: 06/22/2009

This is an article on Innovation that highlights InnoCentive as a marketplace of ideas.


Daily Planet: May 27, 2009 - Clip 4

DATE: 05/27/2009
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit

This is a live 12-minute segment on Discovery Channel Canada's Daily Planet covering InnoCentive with CEO Dwayne Spradlin and Top Solver Tom Kruer. The interview focuses on invention and various creations that aim to solve real-world problems.


The Next Wave of Open Innovation

DATE: 04/08/2009
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation

This article is a profile of InnoCentive, it’s growth and the future of the company. It describes our technology and networking capabilities to connect problems with their potential solvers.

US News

Using Social Media and Crowd-Sourcing for Quick and Simple Market Research

DATE: 01/27/2009
TAGS: Crowdsourcing

InnoCentive is mentioned as the most well-known example of crowdsourcing to solve R&D problems for corporations.


Crowdsourcing Innovation: Q&A with Dwayne Spradlin of InnoCentive

DATE: 12/15/2008
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Not for Profit, Open Innovation

This is an interview with InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin about why crowdsourcing is becoming a powerful tool for doing good.

NBC Chicago

Thinkers Putting Creative Caps On For Cash

DATE: 11/06/2008
TAGS: Crowdsourcing, Government

InnoCentive is featured as a prize-based and crowdsourcing site. It mentions the Solver John Davis and the Seeker Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.


Crowdsourcing with Jeff Howe

DATE: 08/26/2008

John Dankosky, host of NPR’s podcast “Where We Live” talks to Wired journalist Jeff Howe, author of "Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business." This episode, titled Crowdsourcing, discusses how crowdsourcing works and how it can also be applied to solve social problems. They profile companies that innovate through crowdsourcing, citing InnoCentive as its largest commercial example. Dwayne Spradlin is one of the guest speakers.