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InnoCentive: Harness the power of the crowd

A different perspective can sometimes make a problem seem easy. And with our Global Solver Network's hundreds of thousands of diverse thinkers from more than 200 countries, you’re likely to find the “right perspective” to solve your company’s Challenge.

InnoCentive’s Problem Solvers are creative, thoughtful and highly educated individuals that are motivated and inspired to solve Challenges.  They come from all over the world to offer their unique perspective on your problem.  They are scientists, business people, researchers, entrepreneurs and environmentalists.  They work in labs and in corporations and sometimes in their own backyards.  They are professionals and students and retirees.  More than 61% of them have a Masters degree or a Ph.D.  All of this adds up to a high probability that a Challenge you post will be solved - by someone you've never met. That's the power of crowdsourcing.

Harness the potential of the crowd by tapping into InnoCentive’s best minds.


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