We have a good mix in our team. I have a background in engineering. So, I have a good grasp of things from an implementation perspective. Sasha has a background in Economics thereby proving the bigger macroscopic picture.

Anjai Lal, Sahsa Vyash
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Forming a Team

Forming a Team

The Best Solutions Often Come From Unexpected Sources

And a team is more likely to find better solutions than a smart individual working alone. Take the case of James Watson and Francis Crick who cracked the code of DNA. Neither was an expert biologist, and yet, working together, they discovered the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule, the building block of life itself.

Assemble Your Dream Team

With InnoCentive’s Team Project Rooms (TPR), you can assemble your own dream team of smart and motivated peers. In fact, many Challenges offer the opportunity for cross-functional collaboration. By assembling the right team, you’ll increase your chances of submitting a winning submission.

Team Project Rooms

Team Project Rooms are set up and primed for collaboration. We take care of legal agreements to facilitate intellectual property rights and award sharing. Team Project Rooms also provide a private discussion forum and the ability to upload, share, and discuss documents and other files with your teammates.


To open a team project room, click the "Form a Team" tab in the Challenge project room.

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