I was awed by the many scholarly profiles in the past winner’s list; I asked myself whether I should even attempt a solution. But then I just re-iterated to myself that this was a learning experience... it was this sincere commitment that made me come up with a solution that I was finally quite confident about.

Abshar Rashid
InnoCentive Solver

How to Solve

Are you a curious person who wants to solve problems that matter? As a Solver, you’ll have access to important problems from a diverse set of Seekers: corporations, public sector agencies, and nonprofit organizations from around the world. InnoCentive helps Seekers formulate their problems, ideas, and goals as Challenges, which are broadcast to the public from InnoCentive.com and internally with InnoCentive@Work enterprise software.

When you Solve a Challenge, you receive the Challenge award! InnoCentive acts as an intermediary, protecting your intellectual property and insuring that all solutions are evaluated on merit alone.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Check out the open Challenges in the Challenge Center. We publish several new Challenges every week. Whether or not you find the right Challenge today, following Challenges is the first step to success. 
  2. Open a project room. When a Challenge summary catches your interest, you'll need to log in or register and then sign the Challenge agreement in order to open a project room. A project room is a secure space where you can view the confidential detailed description, see technical requirements, ask the Seeker questions, and submit solutions.
  3. Let your creative juices flow! If you get stuck, consider finding a teammate, reviewing the Solver resources, or messaging the Seeker from within your project room.
  4. Submit a solution. Remember, you can modify or replace your solutions up until the deadline.

The most successful Solvers view every Challenge, but are very selective about which ones to submit solutions to. Start following Challenges today!

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