I love this site as a model for community problem solving that has options for thinkers at any level—even if you don’t have a lab, or are just starting out in science or engineering, it’s an excellent way to hone your critical thinking and creativity.

Laurie Parker
InnoCentive Solver

Solver Benefits

Your Work Can Have an Impact on the World

How often do you have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the world? To apply your knowledge and creativity beyond your day job? To tinker in other disciplines by applying best practices you’ve honed on your own? Now you can. By becoming a Solver, you’ll be joining a community of dynamic doers. Independent thinkers whose brains are teeming with curiosity. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have or if you have none at all. Where you work, live or play. All that really matters is that you want to push new boundaries and attack important problems. To help make the world a better place, solving one problem at time. Anyone can be a problem solver. So choose a problem that matters to you, and start solving.

Recognition and Cash Rewards

It pays to solve problems. In addition to feeling good about your contribution being valued, winning Solvers earn cash with prizes ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000. Some of our most prolific Solvers have even quit their day jobs to focus on finding the answers to problems full time.

Join the Community of Problem Solvers

InnoCentive reaches millions of potential Solvers and it's growing every day. Problem Solvers hail from more than 200 countries and every discipline imaginable. It’s your choice how public or private a Solver you want to be. As you start getting your Solver sea legs, we’ll provide you with a lot of feedback so that you can better understand the process and build your confidence as a Solver.

Your Intellectual Property is Protected

We know how important your work is, so we take every precaution to help protect it. Your solution will only be seen by InnoCentive and the company that posts the Challenge. Solvers and Seekers are also required to sign an agreement protecting confidential information. If your solution requires the transfer of intellectual property we have a process in place to handle the transfer.

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