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Make a positive impact

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Since German engineer and Solver Joern Lutat submitted his solution to the Challenge "Low-cost Rainwater Storage System", the Seeker EnterpriseWorks/VITA has taken the product forward and distributed it in several districts in Uganda. Women who used to carry water to their villages from distant water sources (3.7 miles roundtrip on average) are now able to spend more time working in the fields or taking care of children—a major economic benefit for the family. Teenage girls who used help with the daily water carrying will now be able to attend school.

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Exercise your brain

Forget Sudoku, Challenges are real problems requiring sustained concentration, critical thinking, research, creativity, and synthesis of knowledge. Developing a solution is incredibly rewarding and an unparelleled mental workout.

"I love this site as a model for community problem solving that has options for thinkers at any level—even if you don’t have a lab, or are just starting out in science or engineering, it’s an excellent way to hone your critical thinking and creativity."
      - Laurie Parker, winner of "Combinatorial polypeptides"

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Promote yourself

Solving a Challenge is an impressive feat -- many InnoCentive Challenges have stumped the internal R&D departments of multi-billion dollar Seekers. Whether you list your award on your resume, CV, or join the exclusive Winning Solvers group on LinkedIn, your accomplishment is guaranteed to attract attention and start conversations.

As a patent attorney, I have listed my award in my firm biography. I've been interviewed by several magazines and periodicals, including Forbes, Business Week, Business 2.0, MIT Technology Review, The Wall Street Journal, and The Boston Globe. I've been interviewed on NPR, and was invited to give a lecture on crowdsourcing at IMD, a business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. I've been mentioned in two books describing crowdsourcing, including We Are Smarter Than Me, and The Open Innovation Marketplace. Clients of mine have commented on hearing me on NPR, and reading about me in some of the publications. It gives me some cachet as a patent attorney, because it shows that I have the requisite technical background to understand my clients' inventions. So, I have greatly benefitted from being an InnoCentive problem solver, much more than by the financial award I received.
      - David Bradin, winner of "Synthesis to 1,2,3,4-butanetetracarboxylic acid"

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