Grand Challenge Services

"I applaud the mission of the Global Security Challenge that understood this principle of fostering innovation and the innovative entrepreneurs who competed in this competition with their high-quality technologies."

- Jay Cohen, Under Secretary for S&T, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Grand Challenge Services

Grand Challenge services are custom-designed for each client, from initial design to post-award programs. Custom packaging enables our clients to pick and choose which services they need. Typical services include:

Pre-Competition Phase

  • Ideation: Taking a client’s idea to a tested concept ready for design. This service is often offered in the form of a workshop.
  • Design: Designing competition, including timeline, processes, rules, terms and conditions, legal framework, questions, description, and name aligned with the marketing strategy to achieve high visibility and prominence.
  • Fundraising: Developing a business model, approaching potential sponsors/partners, pitching at meetings, and securing a prize fund.
  • Partnership: Composition of scientific steering committees or advisory boards as well as identification of collaborating parties.

Competition Phase

  • Marketing: Creating marketing material, researching appropriate contacts and building a targeted database, and establishing and connecting to relevant networks. Marketing services cover all communication from pre-announcement to post-competition, including launch and website management.
  • Execution: Attracting entrants, addressing external requests and queries, managing the submission process, and ensuring coherence with marketing campaigns.
  • Judging: Establishing judging criteria and panel guidelines, recruiting and briefing judges, assigning judges at online and live stage, liaison throughout, and moderation of live panels.
  • Events: Planning and running final events, typically including live interaction of finalists with the audience, judging sessions, and award ceremony. Services can range from planning a competition session as part of an existing event to running a stand-alone event, including recruiting audience and handling all logistics.
  • Platform:  Providing Solver submission platforms as well as the back end for relevant judging processes. For more sophisticated Challenge types, such as predictive analytics, we have an in-house software development team.

Post-Competition Phase

  • Reporting: Collecting feedback from all stakeholders, measuring of return-on-investment, and monitoring market impact.
  • Public Relations: Promoting the results and findings of the competition, thus ensuring sustainable impact.
  • Community engagement: Engaging with the community, following up with winners and finalists, and maintaining a network of experts.