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InnoCentive Partners

We believe that innovation is a team sport, and so do our partners. Together, we push the boundaries of open innovation, crowdsourcing, and prize-based competitions.

A Win-Win-Win

InnoCentive partnerships represent a win-win-win opportunity for your organization, your audience, and your members. Becoming an InnoCentive Partner is a smart, innovative way to strengthen your relationships with those most important to you.

InnoCentive as your Engagement Partner

We help you engage your constituents by offering them a chance to make a meaningful impact on the world. To solve Challenges that matter.

Or you might be part of an organization that provides products, services, or solutions that help organizations innovate and want to introduce your clients to challenge-based problem solving.

Four Types of Alliance Ecosystem Partners 

Network Partners: Are you a premier publishing company or a leading individual membership based organization looking for a new way to engage with your audience? Become a Partner

Integration Partners:Are you a market leader in management consulting, system integration, or technology solutions looking to fundamentally change your customers’ competency and economics for innovation through an integrated, full-service offering that couples your expertise and that of InnoCentive? Become a Partner

Affiliate Partners: Are you a category leader in product lifecycle and portfolio management, innovation services and solutions, industry-specific advisory services, interactive media, or corporate membership looking to enhance your product portfolio with prize-based competitions? Become a Partner

Regional Partners: Are you a local market leader who displays expertise in advancing open innovation in your respective geographical region looking to represent InnoCentive’s product portfolio to your customer network locally? Become a Partner

Innovation Partners