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  • Award: $20000
  • Deadline: 17th Feb 2022
  • Challenge type: Ideation

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What Are the Most Promising Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Options for A2A?


This Challenge aims to answer the following question: What are the most promising CCUS options for A2A? Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is an emission reduction technology applied across the energy system. It is an alternative to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, since it not only captures and stores CO2 but also converts CO2 into valuable products, such as fuels and chemicals, after transporting it via ship, pipeline, rail or truck.

The urgency for policymakers to promote decarbonization through CCUS technologies has rapidly increased.

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Water Injection Additives to Reduce Emissions

  • Open until 19th Jan 2022
  • Award: $15000

Utilizing High Performance Thermal Insulation for Medical Devices

  • Open until 20th Jan 2022
  • Award: Collaboration with Seeker

Automated Solution for Cable Preparation and Accessory Installation

  • Open until 31st Jan 2022
  • Award: Collaboration with Enel

Affordable Cyber Security for Small Satellites and CubeSats

  • Open until 1st Feb 2022
  • Award: $30000

Satellite-Based Remote Sensing for Smallholder Farms

  • Open until 7th Feb 2022
  • Award: Collaboration with Bayer

Designing a Sustainable Secondary Substation

  • Open until 14th Feb 2022
  • Award: $30000

AI for Protected Vegetation Recognition

  • Open until 14th Feb 2022
  • Award: $20000

Reduction of Residual Current in Distributed Solar Photovoltaic Systems

  • Open until 14th Feb 2022
  • Award: $35000

Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Non-Return Valves

  • Open until 15th Feb 2022
  • Award: $35000

Platform for Assessing Fungicidal Activity

  • Open until 15th Feb 2022
  • Award: Collaboration with Bayer

What Are the Most Promising Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Options for A2A?

  • Open until 17th Feb 2022
  • Award: $20000

Food Grade Alternative for Anionic Surfactant in Enteric Applications

  • Open until 22nd Feb 2022
  • Award: $30000

A2A Challenge: Rapid, Simple, and Accurate Detection of Legionella in Water

  • Open until 22nd Feb 2022
  • Award: Collaboration with A2A

Best Time To Contact

  • Open until 21st Feb 2022
  • Award: €7500

Interface Protection Unit for Distributed Renewable Resources Generators

  • Open until 26th Feb 2022
  • Award: $35000

Enhanced Peak Detection Algorithm

  • Open until 7th Mar 2022
  • Award: $25000
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