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Our Challenge Driven Innovation methodology and purpose-built technology result in fresh thinking and cost-effective problem solving, whether you want to crowdsource solutions from external Solvers or better harness the intelligence of your internal team.

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Why InnoCentive?

Solution Oriented

At InnoCentive, our goal is to provide innovative crowdsourced solutions to business, social, policy, scientific, or technical problems that matter to you; solutions that are actionable and can advance your organization to the next level.

Enterprise Platform for Innovation

Whether our seasoned PhD-level Challenge experts and innovation program managers are supporting you with internally or externally-focused Challenge Programs, you will benefit from our proven principles of Challenge Driven innovation.

Flexible Targeting

Challenges can be posted on our innovation management platforms internally within your organization, to select external audience such as your partners and customers, or to our global network of 375,000+ diverse and creative thinkers and problem solvers. You can also reach crowds in the millions through InnoCentive’s Network partners.

Our Clients

Market leaders across industry sectors are using crowdsourcing and cloud labor techniques, leveraging Challenge Driven Innovation to tap the power of geographically-varied viewpoints, diverse skills, and creative minds inside and outside their organization and network.

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InnoCentive’s methodology and expert support has been key to the success of our crowdsourcing initiatives over the years.
Kiko Suarez, Ph.D., Vice President Communications and Innovation, Lumina Foundation

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“AstraZeneca continues to explore innovative new solutions to complex scientific problems and Challenges are helping us do just that.”
Robert Albert, Collaboration Delivery and Exploitation Lead, AstraZeneca

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