About Us

Innovation has always been a team sport.
InnoCentive helps you augment your team with a diverse array of star players.

Once you untether the search for solutions from an individual, department or company and pluralize the problem-solving process, amazing things can happen. Problems are solved faster, with less risk and at a lower cost than ever before. That’s why leading organizations have been partnering with InnoCentive for over 16 years.

Working with InnoCentive eases the difficulty of solving complex issues and can provide actionable solutions and fresh ideas when organizations hit a roadblock in a project. Our offerings allow organizations to crowdsource solutions from invited audiences or to open their Challenges to our problem-solving network.

With InnoCentive, any organization – corporations, government and nonprofits can take advantage of our flexible programs geared towards finding optimal results and get the fresh eyes of a different perspective.

InnoCentive Sets Itself Apart

Key Stats

2000 +

External Challenges


Total Solutions Submitted

$50 + Million

Total Dollars Posted



 Nearly 200


InnoCentive Locations

Worldwide Headquarters

InnoCentive, Inc.
265 Winter Street, 2nd Floor
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: +1-978-482-3300

EMEA Headquarters

InnoCentive EMEA Ltd.
57 Gloucester Place
London, W1U 8JJ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 207 224 0110

InnoCentive is innovative innovation – and it’s right at your fingertips.

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