Management Team

Craig Jones

Craig Jones Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Craig Jones serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at InnoCentive. He is a 30-year veteran of the venture capital and private [...]

Alpheus Bingham, Ph.D.

Alpheus Bingham, Ph.D. Founder and Member, Board of Directors Alph Bingham, Ph.D. is a member of the Board and co-founder of InnoCentive, Inc. He has been a strong advocate of open innovation and [...]

Jen-Ling Liu

Jen-Ling Liu Chief Operating Officer Jen-Ling Liu serves as the Chief Operating Officer at InnoCentive. In this capacity, Ms. Liu spearheads InnoCentive’s Corporate Development, Strategic Alliances, and Global Marketing efforts. She also leads [...]

Richard Barletta

Richard Barletta Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration Rich Barletta joined InnoCentive in May 2002. From May 2002 to April 2012, he served as the corporate controller and his primary responsibilities included [...]

Jon Fredrickson

Jon Fredrickson Vice President, America's, Chief Innovation Officer Jon Fredrickson is a proven practitioner and leading innovation executive focused on InnoCentive’s efforts leading the North American sales team in the private sector, and [...]

Siobhán Gibney Gomis

Siobhán Gibney Gomis Vice President Business Development, North America & Global Nonprofits Siobhán Gibney Gomis leads business development, sales and client management in key corporate accounts across North America and to non-profits globally. Through [...]

Steven Drew

Steven Drew Vice President Business Development, EMEA Steven Drew leads the Sales and Business Development activities of InnoCentive in Europe. Before joining InnoCentive, Steven headed the UK and North Europe operations of Invention Machine (recently [...]

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