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Challenge Global Women’s Leadership Alliance: 5 million women change agents improving our world in 5 years
Global Women’s Leadership Alliance: 5 million women change agents improving our world in 5 years
STATUS: Awarded
Active Solvers: 286
Posted: May 01 2013
Challenge ID: 10300000035
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What is InnoCentive?
InnoCentive is the global innovation marketplace where creative minds solve some of the world's most important problems for cash awards up to $1 million. Commercial, governmental and humanitarian organizations engage with InnoCentive to solve problems that can impact humankind in areas ranging from the environment to medical advancements.

What is an InnoCentive Brainstorm (Open Ideation™) Challenge?

An InnoCentive Brainstorm Challenge is a question written by a member of the InnoCentive Community to obtain access to new ideas. These “global brainstorms” tap the InnoCentive Global Solver Community and may lead to any number of outcomes, such as a new commercial application for a current product, or a viral marketing idea to recruit new customers. Brainstorm Challenges are Open Ideation, meaning that all submissions may be viewed by any Solver who has signed the Challenge confidentiality agreement. Submissions are typically a few paragraphs long and Seekers receive a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use all submissions.

In a Brainstorm Challenge, Solvers may:
  • Submit ideas of their own

  • Submit third party information that they have the right to use, and the authority to convey the right to use and develop derivative works to Seekers

  • Submit information considered to be in the public domain without any limitations on use

  • Expand on solutions submitted by other Solvers

Solvers should not reveal any confidential information in their submissions. Often the Brainstorm Challenge will be followed by one or more of the Premium Challenge types to further develop the ideas and gain Intellectual Property protection when the concept has been well-defined.

Refer to the Brainstorm Help pages for additional information about Brainstorm Challenges

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