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Challenge Enzyme Inhibitors
Enzyme Inhibitors
STATUS: Awarded
Active Solvers: 266
Posted: Aug 27 2009
Challenge ID: 8740549
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This Challenge is looking for novel inhibitors of proteases and lipases. This is a Reduction-to-Practice Challenge that requires a written proposal and experimental proof-of-concept data.
This challenge is looking for novel inhibitors of proteases and lipases involved in the skin degradation process.

The submission to the challenge should include the following:

  1. The detailed characterization of the proposed enzyme inhibitors addressing specific Solution Requirements presented in the challenge description. This description should be accompanied by a well-articulated rationale supported by literature/patent precedents.
  2. Experimental data demonstrating the desired properties of the proposed enzyme inhibitors obtained as described by the Seeker.

The Seeker is not looking for just a review on the subject. The proposed enzyme inhibitors should offer the Seeker “freedom to practice“, i.e. there should be no patents or patent applications preventing the use of the solution. The award is contingent upon the evaluation of the submitted solutions by the Seeker.
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