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Challenge Chordoma Cancer Cell Lines Needed to Save Lives!
Chordoma Cancer Cell Lines Needed to Save Lives!
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Posted: Jul 13 2010
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The Chordoma Foundation requests cell lines or animal models that can be used for research into chordoma - a slow growing bone cancer that is often resistant to radio- and chemotherapies.

This Challenge has now been opened to include animal models and the deadline has been changed to a 3 month rolling deadline. This innoCentivee Challenge will close once the Seeker has 3 submissions to evaluate, but the Chordoma Foundation will continue to incentivize research into Chordoma and potential therapies.


The mission of the Chordoma Foundation is to rapidly develop effective treatments and ultimately a cure for chordoma, while improving the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for people affected by this devastating bone cancer of the skull and spine.

Currently, no effective chemotherapies exist, and a lack of valid chordoma cell lines is preventing the development of new treatments. The Chordoma Foundation needs your help to assemble a panel of well-characterized chordoma cell lines that can be shared with researchers and companies across the world. Cell lines in this panel should represent the diverse set of clinical manifestations of the disease, including chordomas of the skull-base and spine from primary, recurrent, and metastatic tumors from adult and pediatric patients. In addition, animal models of chordoma disease are requested.

The Chordoma Foundation will award a $10,000 prize for each cell line or animal model that is determined by the Chordoma Foundation to meet the requirements listed in the Detailed Description and Technical Requirements. The prize will be made as an unrestricted award to your institution to be used for scientific and educational application. In return for the award, Solvers and their institutions are expected to grant rights to the Chordoma Foundation to freely use, store and distribute the cell lines for all research and development purposes. The terms of the grant of rights are included in the Challenge-Specific Agreement for this Challenge. If required by your institution, the Chordoma Foundation also will work with you to execute an appropriate material transfer agreement to govern sharing of your cell line. Please email if you have any questions regarding the required grant of rights or related agreements.

Discover how to submit your cell lines in the Detailed Description and Technical Requirements for the Challenge.

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