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Challenge Understanding Bioavailability of Peptides
Understanding Bioavailability of Peptides
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Posted: Nov 09 2012
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What sequence and structural factors influence the bioavailability of small peptides following ingestion? Which physiological parameters determine whether peptides reach and persist in the systemic circulation, and which models would be relevant to assess peptide bioavailability? The Seeker is looking for insightful submissions that are supported by peer-reviewed publications, in-silico modelling &/or existing research data. 

This Challenge requires only a written proposal.



Extensively hydrolysed milk proteins are widely used in a range of dietary products, but what is known about the fate of these peptides? What determines efficiency of uptake across the gut epithelium following digestion and their potential activity within the body? 

This challenge is NOT about amino acid uptake mechanisms – it IS about how & why small peptides from bovine milk protein hydrolysates become systemically available. 

This is a Theoretical Challenge that requires only a written proposal to be submitted.  The Challenge award will be contingent upon theoretical evaluation of the proposal by the Seeker. 

To receive an award, the Solvers will not have to transfer their exclusive IP rights to the Seeker.  Instead, they will grant to the Seeker non-exclusive license to practice their solutions. 

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