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Challenge Novel Hygiene Solutions for Your Office Desktop
Novel Hygiene Solutions for Your Office Desktop
STATUS: Awarded
Active Solvers: 253
Posted: Dec 04 2013
Challenge ID: 9932999
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Communal office spaces have multiple sources of potential infection. A number of known solutions for disinfection of hands or hard surfaces exist, but few solutions are well adapted being part of the desktop in communal workplaces.

Creative proposals are required that describe how an effective disinfection technology, or system thereof, can be integrated into an appealing and easy to use desktop device.

This is an Ideation Challenge with a guaranteed award for at least one submitted solution.


In major cities, up to 30% of the workforce uses communal office spaces. Sharing of tabletops, pens, keyboards, computers, screens and other inanimate objects exposes individuals to greater risk of infection with pathogens. In addition, increased density of occupation of these communal spaces can also influence microbial air quality.

The Seeker requires proposals describing easy to use technologies that could be used to disinfect or decrease the risk of infection in communal office environments. To win, proposals must describe a solution with some level of novelty e.g. a novel application, integration, formulation, or packaging of a known technology in format suitable for use at an individuals shared workspace (their desktop)..

  • This is an Accelerated Ideation Challenge with a guaranteed award for at least one submitted solution. This Accelerated Ideation Challenge has several unique features, including:
    • A shortened posting period of 18-days
    • A guaranteed award of $3,000 for the best in class submission received in the first 9 days of the challenge period
    • A guaranteed award pool of $5,000 for the best in class solution(s) at the end of the challenge posting period – winners of the initial award are also eligible!
    • Forwarding your submissions to the Seeker directly once you submit your proposal, instead of at the end of the Challenge.  This allows the Seeker to complete the evaluation of submissions sooner after the Challenge deadline than they could otherwise.
    • Since submissions will be forwarded to the Seeker throughout the Challenge, please make sure you upload only a finished proposal. You can submit an updated version of your proposal only as a new submission.  If you submit an updated version of your proposal, please clearly indicate the new items and/or edits compared to your previous submission.  This will allow the Seeker to quickly find the new information and determine how it improves your submission.

More detailed information about these changes can be found here

  • The Solvers are not required to transfer exclusive intellectual property rights to the Seeker.  Rather, by submitting a proposal, the Solvers grants to the Seeker a royalty-free, perpetual, and non-exclusive license to use any information included in this proposal.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on 23-Dec-2013.  Late submissions will not be considered.

The Seeker will complete the review process and make a decision with regards to the Winning Solution(s). All Solvers that submitted a proposal will be notified on the status of their submissions; however, no detailed evaluation of individual submissions will be provided.

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