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Challenge Prevention of Stent Migration
Prevention of Stent Migration
STATUS: Awarded
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Posted: Jul 19 2013
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Medical stents are usually flexible, polymer coated metal mesh devices that enlarge and hold open natural passageways that have been occluded. There are arterial, esophageal, biliary and urethral stents as well as others. Most stents are held in place by the pressure of expanding in the passageway, but a significant number of esophageal stents can migrate towards the stomach or the mouth due to the natural peristaltic motion of the esophagus. A unique, reversible, design of anchoring the stent in place is required.


Esophageal stents tend to migrate down towards the stomach or mouth due to peristaltic motion of the esophagus. Also, successful treatments of the occlusion (like tumor shrinkage) can enlarge the passageway causing more migration. A method/technique is required to hold the stent in place. It must be easily and quickly reversible for stent removal. There have been many attempts so a solution will have to be unique. 

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