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Challenge AstraZeneca Challenge: Developing a Minimally Invasive Glucose Monitor
AstraZeneca Challenge: Developing a Minimally Invasive Glucose Monitor
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Deadline: Closed
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Posted: Nov 25 2014
Challenge ID: 9933680
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Glucose levels change rapidly after meals, exercise, or the injection of insulin. For diabetics, self-monitoring of blood glucose is vitally important for managing fluctuations and knowing when to administer their medication and how much. Measurements are taken several times a day and generally require blood from a finger prick. Although the procedure is simple, patients dislike the frequency of sampling and accompanying discomfort. AstraZeneca seeks a minimally invasive approach to measure blood glucose without the need for blood sampling. 

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge; the Solver will only need to submit a written proposal to be evaluated by the Seeker with the goal of establishing an AstraZeneca funded collaborative partnership.


The most frequently used method to monitor glucose levels requires a sample of blood to be applied to a glucose test strip. This provides an accurate measurement of blood glucose via a handheld device. Diabetic and hypoglycemic patients often need to check their glucose levels multiple times a day. This regular sampling causes pain and discomfort and leads to non-compliance and potential mismanagement of glucose levels. AstraZeneca seeks a minimally invasive approach to measure blood glucose without the need for blood sampling. 


AstraZeneca is a global, research-based, biopharmaceutical company with a focus on five key therapeutic areas: 1) cardiovascular & metabolic diseases, 2) oncology, 3) respiratory, inflammation & autoimmunity, 4) neuroscience, and 5) infection. As an innovation-driven, research organization, AstraZeneca recognizes that great ideas come from many sources. Open innovation is an avenue by which ideas can be shared and AstraZeneca recently launched a pavilion to further its commitment to facilitate the advancement of pharmaceutical research. 

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on January 10, 2015. Late submissions will not be considered

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge. The Solver will write a preliminary proposal (including supporting non-confidential information and contact details) to be evaluated by the Seeker with a goal of establishing a collaborative partnership. Upon completion of the evaluation, AstraZeneca may contact selected Solvers directly to work out terms for a collaboration contract. The monetary value of the contract will vary depending on the amount of work to be delivered and the agreed upon time frame. 

[NOTE: Only proposals from Solvers who have the ability to work as the collaboration partner will be considered.]

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