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Challenge Conquer Paralysis Now Challenge – Stage I Grant Awards
Conquer Paralysis Now Challenge – Stage I Grant Awards
STATUS: Awarded
Posted: Dec 01 2014
Challenge ID: 9933688
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The aim of the Conquer Paralysis Now (CPN) Challenge is to accelerate the development of treatments for spinal cord injury (SCI) in order to provide significant improvements in patients’ quality of life. We want to help SCI patients carry out every day functions unaided that we take for granted like showering, walking or eating. Stage I has just been launched to provide seed funding to a wide range of non-traditional approaches and will recur annually for the next six years. In Stage I of the Challenge, we are offering at least 2 grants of $50,000 in each of our 6 categories. These grant awards want to attract SCI research from new investigators, collaborators, out of the box thinkers and experts from adjacent fields among others.

Applicants are invited to submit their proposals until April 1st, 2015. Please note that Applicants CANNOT submit proposals for more than one grant award.

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At least 2 grants of $50,000 are on offer in each of the following categories. 

Stage I Awards

New Investigator Award

Aims to attract and support new researchers in the field of SCI. “New investigator” refers to either newly hired researchers that begin their career in SCI research after their graduate studies or established researchers who recently switched to the SCI field.

Collaboration Award

This award is looking to fund inter-disciplinary collaborations (e.g. nanotechnology and biochemistry) that can help SCI patients. The consortium must be interdisciplinary. At least two labs in two different fields must collaborate and at least one person per lab must work on the project. For this award there are 4 grants of $50,000 available as each lab collaborating will receive $50,000.

Cross-over Award

Incentivizes the cross-over of adjacent neurological research to the field of SCI. Adjacent research may come from fields such as Traumatic Brain Injury, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Immunology, Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease

Translation Award

Fund projects that aim to translate research from animal experiments towards human clinical trials. Proposals must outline the translation of a particular piece of research, or facilitate new approaches of transferring basic neuroscience to clinical application

Out of the Box Award

Provide initial funding for risky, high potential research ideas. The proposal must be revolutionary. The major risk must be pointed out and clear scientific rationale must be given why the research might theoretically lead to a breakthrough.

Reaching and Grasping Award

Aims to stimulate research towards restoring reaching and grasping function for human SCI patients. Due to the interconnectivity of the spinal cord, the effects of the proposed project may not be confined solely to arm/hands. The proposal must however convince the judges that their project will advance the reaching/grasping end goal.

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