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Challenge Open Philanthropy Project Challenge: Bioinspiration and Unusual Biology

Open Philanthropy Project Challenge: Bioinspiration and Unusual Biology

Award: $150,000 USD
Deadline: Closed
Active Solvers: 375
Posted: Aug 29 2018
Challenge ID: 9934081
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The Open Philanthropy Project is interested in promoting exploratory research into novel or atypical biological processes that have the potential for application in human medicine or design of new tools or materials. The objective is to identify proposals that demonstrate significant innovative potential.

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge; the Solver will only need to submit a written proposal to be evaluated by the Seeker with the goal of awarding a research grant.


Are you fascinated with something in nature and do you have an idea for how to better understand its mechanism and/or use new knowledge about it for positive impact? Throughout history, new understanding about atypical biology and bioinspired materials and technologies have transformed science. The Open Philanthropy Project is committed to supporting cutting edge research with high impact. Our aim is to encourage exploration of biological processes, mechanisms, and components that may provide new insights or experimental tools of broad utility. Promising projects will be funded at up to $150,000.

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge. The Solver will write a preliminary proposal (maximum of 10 pages, including contact details and supporting, non-confidential information) to be evaluated by Open Philanthropy staff with a goal of securing funding. Upon completion of the evaluation, Open Philanthropy may contact selected Solvers directly to work out terms for a research grant. The monetary value of the contract will vary depending on the amount of work to be delivered and the agreed time frame.

We encourage researchers from the following disciplines to apply: chemistry, chemical engineering, biophysics, epidemiology; computational biology; bioengineering, molecular biology and other life sciences; infectious disease; animal health; ecology; biosecurity; weapons of mass destruction security; disaster management, risk assessment; and any other relevant disciplines. We are looking for creative applications of biomimicry.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on October 13, 2018. 

Late submissions will not be considered.


The Open Philanthropy Project identifies outstanding giving opportunities, awards grants, tracks the results, and publishes the findings. Its mission is to give effectively and share findings openly so that others may build on them. Its main funders are Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook and Asana. Open Philanthropy believes scientific progress has been, and will continue to be, one of the biggest contributors to improvements in human wellbeing, and hopes to play a part in accelerating it. Learn more about Open Philanthropy's interest in potentially high-impact scientific research here.

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After a Solver submits an eRFP response, the Seeker evaluates the responses to determine which Solver(s) to contact for further business discussions. With eRFPs, the Solver must not provide any confidential information in the eRFP response. If your eRFP response is selected, you negotiate the terms of the contract (including scope of work, tasks and duration) directly with the Seeker.

This Challenge type does not require Intellectual Property (IP) transfer. However, sometimes Challenges of this type do request that certain IP arrangements be made should a partnership be formed.

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