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Challenge <p>Enel Open Innovability Challenge: Reduction of Offensive Odors in Muña Reservoir and Pumping Station (Colombia)</p>

Enel Open Innovability Challenge: Reduction of Offensive Odors in Muña Reservoir and Pumping Station (Colombia)

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Deadline: Closed
Posted: Jun 01 2018
Challenge ID: 9934131
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To reduce the impact of offensive odors in the Muña reservoir and the pumping Station in Colombia, Enel Green Power is looking for solutions to reduce offensive odor emissions due to some gases (e.g. H2S). According to the Environmental Management Plan, a quarterly periodicity is established in the measurement of odors, in which the results must be presented in the respective environmental compliance reports on an annual basis.

This Challenge is hosted on the Enel Open Innovability platform.  You will be redirected to their site when you click ‘View More Details’. Challenge terms and regulations can be found there.


In Colombia, Enel Green Power, through its subsidiary Emgesa, manages the El Paraíso and La Guaca hydroelectric plants that make up the Pagua chain. These run-of-river hydroelectric plants capture the waters of the Bogotá River from the Muña reservoir, which comes from the city of Bogotá, with a large amount of waste that produces polluting gases, mainly Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), which is a gas with a very offensive smell.

To fill the reservoir,   a pumping station increased the water level of the Bogotá river towards the Reservoir, in order to have a reliable flow for the operation of the Guaca and Paraiso hydroelectric power plants

Reported odor emission rates at different points of the reservoir range from 8.0 to 52.5  (µg/m3)

Enel Green Power is looking for solutions that can be applied to existing facilities to control the emissions of offensive odors and, possibly, evaluating their effectiveness through an exercise of on-site application and direct measurement. These solutions could be, for example, chemical substances.

The best Proposal will be paid with 5,000 euro. If no Proposal is deemed deserving by Enel GP’s evaluation committee, no prize will be awarded. If the winning Proposal is submitted by a team, the payment shall be made to the team representative and it will be the sole responsibility of the latter to distribute it among the team participants

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Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. Enel works in 35 countries across 5 continents, generating energy with a net installed capacity of almost 85 GW, selling gas and distributing electricity across a network spanning approximately 2.2 million km.

With 63.5 million end users around the world, Enel has the biggest customer base among its European competitors, and it is one of Europe’s leading energy companies by installed capacity and reported EBITDA. The Group is made up of nearly 62,900 people who help promote Enel’s two cardinal principles: innovation and sustainability.

Enel is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that meet society’s changing needs. Through its crowdsourcing platform, the company connects people and ideas from across the world, encouraging anyone to propose sustainable innovation projects and solutions that help develop local communities.

Enel is also committed to helping to achieve four of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

1. Access to affordable and clean energy

2. Support for quality education

3. Contributing to socio-economic development in the communities in which Enel operates

4. The fight against climate change


Enel Green Power, founded in December 2008, is part of Enel Group. Enel Green Power develops and manages activities for the generation of energy from renewable sources worldwide.

Enel Green Power is present in 30 countries* in 5 continents with a managed capacity of about 40 GW and over 1,200 plants.

Its production mix includes the main renewable sources: wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass.

The clean energy generated by our plants is able to meet the consumption needs of millions of families around the world and helps reduce carbon emissions, combating climate change and facilitating a new model of decarbonized development. 

Having drawn strength from our international experience, we also develops bespoke projects to offer companies the best solutions when it comes to energy from renewable sources. Clean energy and sustainable projects, competitive costs and personalized solutions are the main benefits of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), tools capable of building solid, long-lasting partnerships with commercial and industrial customers.

Our development strategy is based on technological and geographic diversification, focusing our activities on expanding markets, which are characterized by the ready availability of natural resources, high growth rates in energy demand and stable socio-economic contexts.

Our development strategy contemplates sustainability in all its aspects in order to work in an innovative way, less with the logic of reaction to critical issues and more with a proactive approach, aimed at identifying opportunities for creating shared value for the company and the territory.

We believe that renewable sources are an important tool both for promoting the competitiveness of production systems in various countries and for ensuring the security of energy source supply.

The widespread production of electricity from water, sun, wind and heat from the earth contributes to greater energy autonomy for nations, and at the same time supports the safeguarding of the environment.

Enel Green Power has developed new business and technologies, such as the construction of off-grid solutions and storage systems in order to improve flexibility and performance in its plants.

Thanks to our constant search for technical and operational excellence around the world, our attention to technological innovation and the effort of our more than 7.000 colleagues around the world, we look to the future with full awareness of Enel Green Power’s great potential for further growth, both in size and in performance.

We are also one of the founding members of RES4MED - Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and beyond, an association founded in 2012 to promote renewable energy and electricity infrastructures necessary for its transport in the Mediterranean region.

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