Nikolay Barashkov  
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I got my PhD and degree &quot;Doctor of Sciences&quot; from the Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry (Moscow, Russia). I came to the US in 1993 and held appointments at Fermi National Laboratory, Texas Tech University and University of Texas at Dallas as a research scientist. Prior to joining Micro-Tracers, Inc., where I&#39;m currently holding a position of Director of R&amp;D, I held numerous Senior Positions in R&amp;D Departments of industrial companies, such as Radiant Color and Biotium, Inc., being responsible for synthesis and study of new polymer-based materials (pigments, inks, coating, active media for light-emitting diodes), as well as small molecules, such as fluorescent dyes and related biochemical reagents for life science and drug discovery. My current research interests include the chemical and photophysical aspects of polymer-dyes interaction, development of new multicolored alumina-based and silica gel-based microtracers for feed and pharmaceutical industries and creation of ferromagnetic nanoparticles suitable for making liquid microtracers. <br/> <br/>I am an author of six books (two of them &quot;Fluorescent Polymers&quot; and &quot;Luminescence in Public Health&quot; were published in English, four - in Russian), 105 published articles , 25 Russian Inventor&#39;s Certificates, two US patents and three European patents granted and 10 US patents pending.