Beyond Heroism And Denial: How To Fortify Our Response To Ebola

Forbes LogoHeroism and denial have been the hallmarks of the Ebola crisis. The heroes are the front-line healthcare workers, 400 of whom have caught the disease, and 227 have died. Despite their bravery and sacrifice, however, skepticism and bureaucracy have slowed the response to the disease, and helped the epidemic gallop out of control. The outbreak that was first reported in December 2013, and only had about 50 identified cases in March, has now spread to 8900 patients, half of whom have died – 40% in the last month. It has entered its exponential phase with the number of cases doubling every three weeks. The numbers of cases and casualties have gone up ten times since June. Will we be looking at 80,000 patients and 40,000 deaths by the end of the year?