Welcome to the DARPA Pavilion

The DARPA Innovation Pavilion is a place where Solvers from all fields can contribute insights and ideas to help address pressing national security issues.

Since its establishment in 1958, DARPA has demonstrated time and again how thinking beyond the borders of what is generally deemed possible can yield extraordinary breakthroughs. The agency’s mission is to foster and demonstrate revolutionary new technologies and capabilities that provide practical options for sustaining U.S. security into the future. Importantly, DARPA conceives national security broadly, and the technologies it creates frequently transition either directly or indirectly to the commercial world, where they have bolstered such critical sectors as healthcare, transportation, communications, and computing. Many of the technologies people depend on today have their origins in DARPA-funded research.

To achieve its ambitious goals, DARPA supports world-class teams of experts from academia, industry, and government laboratories, empowers them with resources, encourages them to take risks, and provides them with the flexibility to transcend conventional organizational constraints. It isn’t just established research institutions that can contribute, though. DARPA recognizes that the novel capabilities it seeks may in many instances emerge from novel sources—including individuals or consortia that have never contributed to government research efforts or considered how their expertise might be applied to the national security domain.

It is in recognition that extraordinary solutions can emerge from unconventional sources that DARPA periodically launches prize-based challenges—ensuring that the full diversity of America’s innovative potential is brought to bear toward the goal of achieving a better and more secure future.