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Equinor Challenge: Innovative Noise Reduction in Unmanned Production Plants

  • Open until 28th Jun 2022
  • Award: $15000

Extending Wind Blades to Maximize Power Production

  • Open until 6th Jul 2022
  • Award: Collaboration with Enel

Targeted Differentiation Strategy for a Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

  • Open until 15th Jul 2022
  • Award: $20000

Reducing Diffusion of Hydrogen Chloride Gas Through a Refractory Barrier

  • Open until 18th Jul 2022
  • Award: $20000

Visualization of Large Multi-Dimensional Datasets

  • Open until 26th Jul 2022
  • Award: $25000

Safeguarding Biodiversity Prior to the Installation of Electric Distribution Assets

  • Open until 28th Aug 2022
  • Award: Collaboration with Enel