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Opening innovation to global problem-solvers could yield government solutions

October 28, 2014|

GPN logoEditor’s note: Government Product News asked Innocentive’s Alph Bingham and Jon Fredrickson about innovations in products and processes in the public sector. Bingham is founder of InnoCentive and Fredrickson is vice president of government.

Beyond Heroism And Denial: How To Fortify Our Response To Ebola

October 22, 2014|

Forbes LogoHeroism and denial have been the hallmarks of the Ebola crisis. The heroes are the front-line healthcare workers, 400 of whom have caught the disease, and 227 have died. Despite their bravery and sacrifice, however, skepticism and bureaucracy have slowed the response to the disease, and helped the epidemic gallop out of control. The outbreak that was first […]

Crowdsourcing Collaboration Celebrates “Outside the Box” Applications for Dow’s UCON™ Oil Soluble PAGs to Help Address Global Challenges

October 1, 2014|

Business Wire logoBuilding on its foundational excellence of science-driven innovation, Dow turned to the power of the crowd to spearhead new application development and potential markets for UCON™ oil-soluble polyalkylene glycols (oil-soluble PAGs). Partnering with InnoCentive, the first of its kind Oil-Sol Challenge received more than 60 solutions from 43 countries.

NASA Picks Top Earth Data Challenge Ideas, Opens Call for Climate Apps

August 22, 2014|

Nasa Gov LogoNASA has selected four ideas from the public for innovative uses of climate projections and Earth-observing satellite data. The agency also has announced a follow-on challenge with awards of $50,000 to build climate applications based on OpenNEX data on the Amazon cloud computing platform.

Follow that Cell

August 21, 2014|

NIH News LogoThe National Institutes of Health is challenging science innovators to compete for prizes totaling up to $500,000, by developing new ways to track the health status of a single cell in complex tissue over time. The NIH Follow that Cell Challenge External Web Site Policy seeks tools that would, for example, monitor a cell in the process […]

TSA wants your help to improve screening wait times; offers $15,000 in prize money for winning idea

August 2, 2014|

Denver 7 News LogoDENVER – The Transportation Security Administration is making a public plea for ideas on how to improve the security lines at checkpoint across the country — including Denver International Airport.

Currently the average wait time is 10 minutes, yet the TSA acknowledges the number of air passengers is expected to grow.

Frequent fliers know the frustration can create […]

Attention, Passengers: $15,000 Prize For Whoever Can Speed TSA Screening

July 29, 2014| Logon anticipation that more fliers will be eager to pay for expedited checkpoint screening, the Transportation Security Administration has promised to award $15,000 in cash prizes to whoever can design a faster waiting line system. TSA on Tuesday opened a competition on InnoCentive, a website for crowdsourcing solutions to problems, which enables individuals and teams to submit proposals.


Design a Better TSA Checkpoint and Win!

July 29, 2014|

Forbes LogoSince the inception of the Transportation Security Administration, the security checkpoint at airports within the United States has seen many changes and additions. From traditional metal detectors to full body scanners, the screening methods may have changed, but the basic layout of the checkpoint has remained the same.

The typical TSA checkpoint has one large queue for most passengers, […]

Airport security, health IT, cyber-collaboration and more

July 21, 2014|

Federal Computer LogoTSA turns to contest to improve PreCheck

The Transportation Safety Administration is turning to the crowd for ways to improve its PreCheck expedited security screening program. The TSA’s listing on the InnoCentive crowdsourcing platform promised to reward the best ideas on how to improve PreCheck processes with a share of $15,000 in prize money. TSA said it was […]

Lumina Foundation in Partnership with The Economist Group and InnoCentive Launches Challenge to Bridge the Gap between Education and Business

July 7, 2014|

Lumina-p-52x30Lumina Foundation, in partnership with The Economist Group and InnoCentive , has launched a new crowdsourcing challenge which will generate solutions to closing the skills gap and increasing communication between higher education and today’s workforce.

Open to the public, the Challenge seeks to create a product or service that will facilitate communication between employers and higher education in order to […]

Crowd Power: A New Way to Solve Health Problems

July 1, 2014|

Cleaveland Clinic LogoClaudio Fiocchi, MD, knows how much early detection matters for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. But he also knows today’s diagnostic tools generally detect the disease too late — after it has done extensive damage.

When Dr. Fiocchi sought a new answer, he turned to the crowd.

The idea: When trying to solve a problem, two heads are better […]

BioPharma Learns From Marvel, Begins Real Life Search For “X-Men”

April 30, 2014|

Xconomy LogoBiopharma employees read, as you might expect, a wide spectrum of scientific journals and trade publications. What might be surprising is that their reading lists appear to have expanded recently to include classic Marvel comics. What’s led me to this conclusion? The Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB has sponsored an Innovation Challenge on the InnoCentive Website with a goal […]