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BioPharma Learns From Marvel, Begins Real Life Search For “X-Men”

April 30, 2014|

Xconomy LogoBiopharma employees read, as you might expect, a wide spectrum of scientific journals and trade publications. What might be surprising is that their reading lists appear to have expanded recently to include classic Marvel comics. What’s led me to this conclusion? The Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB has sponsored an Innovation Challenge on the InnoCentive Website with a goal […]

Do I let Myself Fail Enough

April 1, 2014|

Oprah Magazine LogoIn this article by Sarah Lewis, former member of the Obama’s Art’s Policy Committee, “Do I let Myself Fail Enough” Sarah mentions InnoCentive as a company that crowdsources answers to problems companies can’t fix.

Potholes and Big Data: Crowdsourcing Our Way to Better Government

March 24, 2014|

Wired LogoPhil Simon, Big Data and technology adviser, writes about Street Bump,an app that allows drivers to automatically report the road hazards to the city as soon as they hear that unfortunate “thud,” with their smartphones doing all the work. In July 2012, the City of Boston contracted InnoCentive to improve Street Bump and reduce the amount of tail […]

The Crowd May Have Answers, but Agencies Must Define the Problem

August 20, 2013|

NextGov LogoArticle that discusses the use cases for crowdsourcing in government. Specifically, “crowdsourcing can help agencies save money, spur innovations in important industries and, in some cases such as the Citizen Archivist program, complete more work than could ever be done in house.”

Eurapp Seeking Innovative Ideas to Create More Opportunities in the EU App Economy

August 9, 2013|

2589_nui-galway-logoInsightful article about the recently launched Eurapp Challenge which is looking for Solvers to tackle key issues around funding and scaling-up in the EU app economy and dealing with EU-wide market conditions.

One Way to Improve Innovation and Creativity

July 26, 2013|

Linked In LogoInsightful article by industry thought-leader Don Peppers which posits: “Your best new ideas, and a company’s most breakthrough innovations, will come when you tap your weak ties by interacting with the disciplines you know less about, or the experts you rarely consult, or the people you associate with less frequently.”