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Building the Future of Arms Control Through Innovative Eyes

July 24, 2013|

2579_dept-state-blog-logoInsightful blog post by U.S. State Department’s Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller on the recently launched 2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge.

U.S. Department of State Launches “2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge”

July 22, 2013|

State Dept LogoThis Challenge seeks to develop innovative arms control inspection tools and processes that capture the potential of an era characterized by mobile devices and open information sharing. Ideas are being solicited for technology solutions to support future arms control inspections.

5 Boston-Based Startups That Follow The Crowd

July 18, 2013|

BostInno LogoInnoCentive cited as one of the hot crowdsourcing providers in Beantown. According to the article, “InnoCentive is thus unarguably a global thought leader when it comes to maximizing the idea of on-demand talent.”


Internal Innovation Networks – Foundation for Success

July 13, 2013|

Innovation Excellence LogoInsightful article by Eugene Ivanov which posits that “hat the full potential of external innovation can only be realized by the concerted effort of properly connected people within organizations capable of identifying and properly defining their own needs. After all, knowing thyself is something that can’t be brought from outside.”


InnoCentive Cited As A Leader by Independent Research Firm

July 11, 2013|

Forrester LogoInnoCentive was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q3 2013 Innovation Management Tools Wave™ report. In this evaluation, InnoCentive was cited as a leader in Innovation Management Tools. (note that this report is only available to Forrester clients)


USAID and Humanity United Announce Winners of the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention

July 10, 2013|

USAID and Humanity United today announced the winners of the second round of the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention, unveiling a new wave of promising technologies with the potential to save lives and assist communities at risk in conflict. Three of the five Challenges (Enablers, Capture, and Communicate) were crowdsourced to InnoCentive’s diverse network of nearly 300,000 creative Solvers.

The End of the Great-Man Theory of Innovation

July 10, 2013|

Bloomberg Business Week LogoCompelling article in Bloomberg Businessweek which concludes that “collaborative innovation will mean the end of the great-man theory of innovation. Before much longer, the differentiator among great managers will be less individual brilliance and more skill in extracting value from a fluid network of internal and external parties.



Knowledge Problem? Go with the Crowd

July 10, 2013|

Vancouver Sun LogoAre you engaging the crowd to generate ideas and solve important problems? This article posits that “information technology applications are giving people more say in processes ranging from product development to government policy-making…Given what we are seeing in today’s business environment, it may be that we are on the threshold of a new paradigm of crowd engagement […]

The New Global Economy: Managing Risk, Leveraging Opportunity

July 9, 2013|

CIC logoInnoCentive Co-Founder and Board Member Alph Bingham recently spoke at the 19th Annual International Economic Forum of the Americas in Montreal. Said Alph: “It’s amazing how many people out there have profoundly creative ideas and are ready and willing to share them. Their motivations for contributing are diverse, but the results are the same – better solutions, faster. […]