Lumina Foundation Open Innovation Pavilion Banner

Welcome to the Lumina Foundation Open Innovation Pavilion

Lumina Foundation has been working with InnoCentive to unveil its Open Innovation Pavilion. The purpose of this partnership is to help advance Lumina Foundation’s cause for improving Americans’ success of post-secondary attainment for the nation through certificates and other high-quality degrees. Working together, we hope to create new pathways for millions of Americans to access and earn high quality college degrees, certificates, and credentials.

Through these Challenges, we are inviting InnoCentive’s global community of over 285,000 Solvers to make higher education attainment more accessible and affordable in the United States. Please note, although Lumina’s Challenges focus on education in America, all of our creative Solvers from around the world are encouraged and eligible to participate and apply their unique global perspective.

“When it comes to education beyond high school, America is now being rapidly outpaced by other countries around the world,” said Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, the nation’s largest private foundation focused on enrolling and graduating more students from college. “Our collaboration with InnoCentive is about finding the truly innovative ideas that our country needs to create a more affordable, equitable and accountable higher education system.”