NASA Center of Excellence For Collaborative Innovation

Implementing a deliberate strategy developed to drive organizational change, NASA began pioneering the use of crowdsourcing and collaborative innovation in 2005, to more actively engage the public and advance solutions to difficult challenges.After an incredibly successful set of pilot challenges, NASA was requested by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to create a Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (COECI) to assist other Federal Agencies in applying the practice of crowdsourcing.
On the heels of its two-year anniversary, the NASA Center of Excellence is pleased to share their innovation crowdsourcing experiences with you.
Join us for a live webinar – NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation – Crowdsourcing Journey hosted by the NASA COECI Team as they discuss and review:
• A brief history of the pilots
• The CoECI mission, organization, and use of NASA@Work internally
• Highlights of recent successful challenges
• Best practices learned
• Audience Q&A
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