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Move beyond the standard modes of thinking and problem solving.

We offer a comprehensive suite of externally and internally-focused programs, providing the methodology, technology, expert support and problem-solving network for you to crowdsource solutions to important problems.

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Our range of offerings is comprehensive and complete, with a focus on providing actionable solutions. Our internally-focused programs allow you to draw ideas and solutions from internal crowds and invited audiences, while our externally-focused programs tap some of the world’s smartest problem solvers to provide new ideas and solutions.

Externally-Facing Programs

Premium Challenge Programs

Tap our global network of 375,000+ diverse and creative minds to crowdsource actionable solutions to pressing problems within your organization or project.

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Custom Challenge Programs

Uniquely tailored to your needs, these high-profile Challenge programs and innovation competitions enable you to solve big problems, and encourage and showcase breakthrough innovations.

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Internally-Facing Programs


Our comprehensive SaaS-based innovation management software allows you to crowdsource solutions internally in a way that facilitates collaboration and connects your organization.

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We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and complete set of problem-solving tools. With the power of InnoCentive behind your organization, you can use all of our diverse offerings to harness both internal and external brainpower or select among our programs according to your needs.

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Industry Solutions

Find out which solutions would work best for your industry by downloading our handy PDFs below:

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