Harness the power of your internal crowd for idea generation and problem solving.

InnoCentive@Work is a collaborative SaaS-based open innovation platform for running internally-focused programs that engage diverse communities such as your employees, partners, or customers, helping you rapidly generate novel solutions to your pressing problems.

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InnoCentive@Work is an all-in-one solution for private and internal crowdsourcing Challenges. It provides a cost-effective way for  organizations to quickly and easily engage their internal networks and promote collaboration.

“InnoCentive@Work has already had tremendous impact at Lilly. In many cases, people with backgrounds or roles outside of the specific problem area have made insightful contributions to the solution.”

Bret E. Huff, Vice President Chemical PR&D, Eli Lilly

Cloud-based Crowdsourcing

Our secure cloud platform connects your organization. It allows you to manage your Challenges, ideas, solutions and communities and is adaptable to organizations of all sizes. It is the only enterprise-class business application that utilizes Challenge Driven InnovationTM to harness the power of crowds and give everyone a voice—employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. You maintain complete control over which audiences Challenges are distributed to.

The platform handles the entire Challenge lifecycle—from idea and suggestion capture through Challenge formulation, posting, open discussions and collaboration, evaluation, and awards—and enables both InnoCentive-facilitated as well as customer-led Challenge formulation and development. With incorporated reporting dashboards, InnoCentive@Work provides a unique view of your innovation portfolio and strategy and allows for continuous tracking and improvement.

How Can InnoCentive Benefit You?

InnoCentive@Work improves the networking and innovative capacity of your own team and communities. The platform, coupled with our Challenge Driven InnovationTM methodology, allows you to harness your internal brainpower before looking outside to quickly generate novel ideas and solve key problems. It improves your collaboration with internal and invite-only audiences as well as existing knowledge resource systems by enabling the power of your own crowds.

InnoCentive@Work augments and accelerates your existing innovation management processes such as PLM, Stage-Gate, and Six Sigma to preserve existing capital and skillset investments. What’s more, the platform enables you to keep highly sensitive Challenges “inside” the company but also provides you an escalation option to post—publicly or anonymously—your unsolved Challenges to InnoCentive’s global network of 380,000+ problem solvers.

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