Harness the power of your internal crowd for idea generation and problem solving.

InnoCentive@Work is a collaborative SaaS-based open innovation platform for running internally-focused programs that engage diverse communities such as your employees, partners, or customers, helping you rapidly generate novel solutions to your pressing problems.

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The platform is a one-stop shop for private crowdsourced Challenges, and it allows commercial organizations and government agencies alike to easily engage and promote collaboration with the right individuals, communities, and networks to innovate faster, more cost effectively, and with less risk than ever before possible.

“InnoCentive@Work has already had tremendous impact at Lilly. In many cases, people with backgrounds or roles outside of the specific problem area have made insightful contributions to the solution.”
Bret E. Huff, Vice President Chemical PR&D, Eli Lilly

Cloud-based Crowdsourcing

This cloud-based platform serves as the innovation system-of-record for managing all needs, ideas, problems, Challenges, problem solver communities, and solutions within organizations of all shapes and sizes. It is the only enterprise-class business application that enables you to harness the power of crowds and give everyone a voice—employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

And, by incorporating reporting dashboards, InnoCentive@Work provides a unique view of your innovation portfolio and strategy. Our platform offers customers better return-on-investment (ROI) on their innovation spending by providing a number of special features.

Enterprise-wide System-of-record

InnoCentive@Work is a scalable and secure cloud-based software that provides an integrated view of all suggestions, needs, ideas, problems, Challenges, and solutions for improved collaboration, search, and reporting and measurement. The platform optimizes the entire Challenge lifecycle—from idea and suggestion capture through Challenge formulation, posting, open discussions and collaboration, evaluation, and awards—and enables both InnoCentive-facilitated as well as customer-led Challenge formulation and development.

Fit-to-purpose Ideas and Solutions

InnoCentive@Work enables numerous Challenge types to support a wide array of unique organizational requirements. This includes everything from general idea gathering and prioritization for marketers seeking to gain insight from customers, to complex technical or scientific problems that, if left unaddressed, risk derailing an important development effort.

On-demand Access to World-class Innovation

InnoCentive@Work provides unprecedented access to diverse and creative innovation talent inside as well as outside of your organization. You have complete control over Challenge distribution to internal and invite-only audiences such as customers or partners. The platform also provides you with full control over who suggests ideas, views, and attempts to solve your Challenges. When you want to cast a broader net, we have world-class innovators to boost the capacity for creative solutions on demand through our Premium Challenges.

How Can InnoCentive Benefit You?

While InnoCentive provides an excellent resource for external problem solvers through our Premium Challenges, InnoCentive@Work improves the networking and innovative capacity of your own team and communities. Our software, coupled with our Challenge Driven Innovation methodology, allows you to harness your internal brainpower before looking outside to quickly generate novel ideas and solve key problems (and avoid re-inventing the wheel). It improves your collaboration with internal and invite-only audiences as well as existing knowledge resource systems by harnessing the power and diversity of your crowds.

InnoCentive@Work augments and accelerates your existing innovation management processes such as PLM, Stage-Gate, and Six Sigma to preserve existing capital and skillset investments. InnoCentive@Work delivers innovation reporting, analytic, and measurement capabilities along with auditing for continuous tracking and improvement. What’s more, the platform enables you to keep highly sensitive Challenges “inside” the company but also provides you an escalation option to post—publicly or anonymously—your unsolved Challenges to InnoCentive’s global network of 375,000+ problem solvers.

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