NEW YORK, NY. February 16, 2011. The Economist and InnoCentive, Inc. today announced the fourth Challenge in The Economist’s Ideas Economy Conference Series. The new Challenge asks participants to create new and original business models that enable the development of a healthcare information economy for the benefit of patients, caregivers and manufacturers of healthcare products. The Solver with the winning solution will receive an award of $10,000 USD, and will be invited to participate in The Economist’s Ideas Economy: Information event in June, 2011. The Challenge, which runs from February 4th through March 16th, is open to The Economist’s global community of readers, InnoCentive’s Open Innovation community, and the rest of the world.

With the explosion of data collection tools and diagnostic technologies developed over the last several decades, experts agree that an enormous opportunity exists to change the way healthcare is managed, delivered and improved. The new healthcare information economy will necessitate the ability to share, aggregate and learn from healthcare outcomes, while protecting patient privacy. Solvers are asked to submit a plan for a new model of innovation in healthcare that is viable, with potentially hundreds of millions of customers, and scalable, based on reasonable assumptions of the future of healthcare.

“The way in which healthcare information is shared is going to be transformed over the next few years,” said Vijay Vaitheeswaran, global correspondent for The Economist. “This Challenge will showcase creative solutions that will ultimately benefit patients, caregivers, health care providers and manufacturers.”

“This Challenge is intended to bring forward the thoughts and ideas of visionary thinkers, which we have in abundance in both our Solver Network and in The Economist community,” said InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin. “We believe that the winner’s ideas will be valuable to some very influential people. This solution has the potential of shaping the future of the healthcare industry.”

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