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The Bureau of Reclamation needs citizen solvers with bright and creative minds that will help us solve critical water problems.  Reclamation’s Water Prize Competition Center is brought to you through our contract with InnoCentive, who is helping us design and administer our prize competitions to reach a larger audience of potential solvers.  Here, Reclamation and our partners will launch prize competitions that target specific problems within the following three domains:

Water Availability – Water availability is critical to meeting the needs of a growing population and economy.  Water managers face significant challenges in meeting current and future water demands for agriculture, municipal, industrial, Native American, rural, recreation, power generation, and ecosystem needs.

Environmental Compliance – Water managers face significant challenges to operate in way that ensures our watersheds are healthy and are able to continue producing the water supplies that are necessary to meet the competing uses for water in the arid Western U.S.  This includes complying with state and federal environmental laws such as those requiring the protection and recovery of threatened and endangered aquatic species.

Infrastructure Sustainability – A safe, well-maintained, and reliable inventory of dams, pipelines, hydropower generation facilities, canals, and levees is key to making water available to meet the water needs of the Western United States and our Nation as a whole.

The Bureau of Reclamation is an agency of the United States Federal Government that manages water for multiple uses in the arid Western United States, where elevation and climate are highly variable, ranging from mountains to deserts and floods to droughts.  Ensuring sustainable and ample supplies of water that are able to meet the spectrum of societal and environmental needs is a mission that intersects multiple Federal agencies.  As such, we are collaborating with other agencies to seek help finding new and better solutions to those critical problems where we have a shared interest and responsibility.  Federal collaboration enables agencies to leverage Federal capabilities, catalyze interagency working relationships, better define and solve common problems, and avoid duplication.  Additionally, solutions that we find will have a broader impact across the missions of multiple Federal agencies, for the stakeholders we collectively serve, and for the overall public good. In 2016, we also initiated outreach to the private sector and non-federal agencies to join our Water Prize Competition Center collaborative efforts in order to optimize the leveraging of resources across public and private sectors that share a common interest in catalyzing water solutions.

To further facilitate finding water solution innovations for overall public good, we will allow water and water related resource challenges sponsored by other InnoCentive clients to be cross-posted on the Water Pavilion upon approval of such requests.

Contact Chuck Hennig for more information at chennig@usbr.gov, 303.445.2134

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